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Get Freelancing Visa in UAE

Freelancing Visa & License in Dubai

The Freelance Visa allows you to operate lawfully as a freelance professional or single practitioner in the UAE and obtain a residency visa while also sponsoring your family. You can then choose your designation and work when it is convenient for you. Dhanguard gives you access to over 1000 activities as well as a Freelance Visa Permit, allowing you to work autonomously in any industry.

The Freelance Visa allows you to work in a variety of professions that have been approved by the Ministry of Labour. We provide all of the assistance you'll need to get started as a freelancer in the UAE, and we work to ensure that you may do it legally. Consult our staff to get the most suitable freelance solution for your needs. Once you've gathered all of the essential information and documentation, you can begin exploring the many opportunities that the UAE has to offer. The following are some of the industries where the Freelance Permit is valid:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Information Technology
  • Programming
  • Training Instructors
  • Social Media Influencers

Get Freelancing Visa in UAE

Process to get Freelancer Visa & License in UAE

To obtain a licence, submit an application to DhanGuard

Fill out an application and provide a copy of your passport with it.

Make all of the required clearance payments.

Within 7-10 working days, the UAE Freelancer Licence will be issued!

Get Freelancing Visa in UAE


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Get Freelancing Visa in UAE

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