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E-Commerce License in UAE is the most sought-after company licence category, with a promising future. DhanGuard is the UAE's top and most trusted business setup advisor in UAE

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Get E-Commerce Licence in UAE

Start Your E-Commerce Business in UAE

E-Commerce License in UAE is the most sought-after company licence category, with a promising future. Ecommerce has emerged as the most successful business model in the UAE. With the UAE's superior technological infrastructure, logistical network, and expanding consumer demand, there is a boom in the region's Ecommerce Licenses. The easy availability of internet connectivity, along with the increasing use of smartphones, has aided in the expansion of the e-commerce business. Online shopping for clothing, furniture, and other items is popular these days. It should come as no surprise that the e-commerce industry is thriving in every part of the globe. E-commerce makes life simpler for individuals since it is not time-consuming, and anybody with internet connection may purchase for anything online with the touch of a mouse.

Many new businesses are choosing for an eCommerce licence in UAE in order to enter the online business arena and launch their company into a growth phase. Because of the increasing internet penetration and changing customer behaviour, the eCommerce business sector is a potential one for investors to establish a platform.

About E-Commerce License in Dubai

Whether you're shopping for personal use or for business, online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the rise of e-commerce enterprises that are quickly capitalising on today's increasing number of online buyers, this reality will become even more apparent in the future years.

In Dubai, UAE, there has been an increase in the demand for e-commerce licences. According to the joint report ‘UAE eCommerce Landscape' published by Dubai Economy and VISA, the United Arab Emirates, which has the most advanced e-commerce sector in the entire MENA region, is on track to reach a stunning US$16 billion (AED 59 billion) in e-commerce transactions in 2019. Several reasons, notably the rise of start-ups and tech-savvy consumers in the UAE, have contributed to the country's worldwide e-commerce positioning. More importantly, the UAE government is playing a key role in today's smart transactions between businesses and consumers by developing cashless payment choices for a variety of purchases and government services.

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How to Obtain E-Commerce License in Dubai?

Decide on your Company's Legal Structure
Decide on a Jurisdiction
Trade Name Registration
Submit an Application for a License
Submit an application for an Initial Approval Certificate
Create a Memorandum of Agreement & Local Service Agent Agreement
Register for a physical office in Dubai
Approval of the License in its Final Form
Requirements for Import & Export
Getting a Business Bank Account in Dubai
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