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Dubai, together with the other emirates, has one of the world's most stable and rapidly rising business sectors. Taking into account numerous causes that arise from time to time, the business industry in Dubai is rarely affected.

This type of business in Dubai is one of the best prospects for investors looking for new investment alternatives. It has long attracted investors from all over the world, who recognize its value and the potential it provides for new investors. Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world.

  • Dubai is an ideal location for investors looking to start a tourist business for a variety of reasons.
  • As everyone knows, Dubai has undergone a huge transformation in numerous areas and has become one of the world's most well-known locations for its modern architecture, warm beaches, pleasant environment, and ever-evolving vacationing culture.
  • Such elements constitute an important part of an investor's decision-making process when considering starting a tourist business in Dubai, as the industry has grown evergreen, and it will bring in a large amount of profits for the investors.
  • Dubai has risen to become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. According to a 2018 survey, Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world, with over 16 million international visitors.
  • Tourists come to Dubai for a variety of reasons, including entertainment, medical tourism, and Halal tourism in the UAE and
  • Dubai, which all contribute to the annual influx of millions of visitors to Dubai.
  • Several people travel to Dubai in search of better career and business prospects.

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Get Tourism Licence in Dubai, UAE

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Companies and organizations operating in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates must have a valid Tourism License. Thus, we at Dhanguard pioneer at providing you with exemplary services and guidance to help you getting your Tourism License. Do exempt few minutes to read the below mentioned information which has been carefully devised by our Experts to provide you up to the mark services.

Types of Tourism Licenses in Dubai

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing oversees issuing travel and tourism licenses (DTCM). You must contact the same company if you wish to create a travel and tourist firm in Dubai. Depending on the service, the travel and tourist business issues three types of licenses.

When starting a tourism firm in Dubai, can an investor apply for some of the city's available licenses?

Inbound Tour Operator License

This type of license will allow a corporation to handle travel within the city, assist with event attendance, provide visa services, and transport tourists.

Outbound Tourist License

This license will allow the corporation to offer tourist packages outside of the country over the internet or by hiring offline agent workers who can handle such transactions.

Travel Agent License

This license will allow the organization to perform the functions of a vendor, allowing them to cater to their clients' needs for tickets and book-related services. It includes ticketing services for flights, trains, buses, hotels, vehicle rentals, and a variety of other services.

The main tourism activities that require licensing in the UAE

Using an Emirati corporation to hold and preserve real estate and assets comes with several important and distinctive advantages, as well as business prospects. When creating an ownership system, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you must understand the legislation, and Dhanguard’s seasoned specialists will properly assist you.

Activities of tour operators

Organizing and selling international travel programs, both directly and through agents. Organizing local excursions, visa preparation, transportation, and lodging.

Organization of Excursions

As a contractor, providing travel agency services in the UAE. Independently and as a contractor for travel firms, providing individual and group itineraries.

Rental of residential properties

Rental of flats, villas, guest homes, individual apartments, and rooms for short and lengthy periods of time in order to create revenue.

Tourism Agency

Selling tour operator-organized travel programs, airline tickets, and other connected services such as lodging, visas, tour planning, and transportation.

Tourism for business and corporations

Business vacations, workshops, meetings, training sessions, incentive trips, corporate parties, and promotional events are just some of the options available.

Tourism Consulting

Identifying potential for additional tourist facilities and services by preparing marketing and feasibility studies, as well as the necessary surveys and field questionnaires.

How can you apply for Travel and Tourism License in United Arab Emirates?

Do you want to know how to start a travel and tourism business in the United Arab Emirates?

  • The first step is to apply for a business license.
  • Applying to a UAE free zone, such as Fujairah Creative City, is the simplest way to do so.
  • Hire a company formation professional, such as Dhanguard to handle the full process on your behalf.
  • There are numerous compelling reasons to locate your business in this free zone.
  • Customs tax exemption, no foreign currency limits, no paid-up share capital need, no annual audit, and a simple incorporation process are all available to businesses establishing themselves in Fujairah Creative City.
  • There is also no requirement for you to be physically present in the UAE in order to start your new business.
  • You'll also need to apply for a tourism license with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).
  • There are three types of trade licenses available: outgoing tour operator trade licenses, incoming tour operator trade licenses, and travel agency trade licenses.
  • These types of licenses are self-explanatory. The outward license allows you to organize excursions outside of the country, the incoming license allows you to plan trips for guests, and the trade license for travel agencies allows you to offer tours, plane tickets, and visitor visas.
  • Regardless of whose license you require, the procedure is the same. Simply send the DTCM your completed application form, a copy of your passport, a business plan outline, and a clean criminal record certificate.
  • To work in the UAE, you'll need a visa in addition to your license. The majority of free zone products include visa eligibility.
  • You can also sponsor your family members for visas. Whether you want to sponsor domestic staff, a child, or a spouse, the process is the same.
  • If you work in a free zone, your account manager can assist you with this by handling your visa and licensing applications.
  • Our experts can assist you in obtaining a firm license in Dubai, a Dubai free zone visa, or the cheapest free zone license or visa in the UAE.

Government is providing New Incentives

DTCM has announced additional incentives to make the license approval process easier for businesses.

  • Previously, all permits required a bank guarantee of AED 100,000 to AED 200,000. (Inbound tour operator, outbound tour operator and travel agent). This condition is no longer applicable. This will undoubtedly result in a significant reduction in the cost of a tourism license.
  • The bare minimum was 300 square feet. This is also no longer required.
  • Documents such as educational certificates and a letter of experience from the company's manager were previously required. These documents are not required any longer.

All of these beneficial changes will make the entire tourism licensing process easier, faster, and less expensive.

Documents required to obtain a Tourism License in UAE

Because Dubai is a tourist hotspot, obtaining a tourism license in Dubai is not a difficult process provided you follow the requirements carefully. The paperwork you'll need to get a tourist license in United Arab Emirates and start your travel and tourism business are listed below.

  • Form of application
  • Passport of the applicant (copy)
  • Manager's educational and professional qualifications must be demonstrated.
  • The owner and manager of the company should show a certificate stating that they have no criminal records.
  • NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Attested paperwork confirming 30 sq.m. of office space (optional)

Tour Guide License

A tour guide in Dubai is someone who leads and accompanies travelers to popular tourist spots and points of interest. The tour guide should be well-versed in the tourist attractions as well as the culture and history of the Emirates. A valid Tour Guide License is also required for this position. The procedures and regulations for obtaining a Tour Guide License in Dubai are listed below.

  • The Tour guide license badge is issued by DTCM. Any tour guide who wants to work in Dubai must have the badge.
  • The applicant must attend and successfully finish the Tour Guide Award program.
  • The tour guide license is valid for one year.
  • The license must be renewed every year. Only when the tour guide attends the DTCM-approved annual refresher session may the license be renewed.
  • If a tour guide's license is not renewed for two years in a row, the tour guide will be subject to the DTCM penalty.
  • For employment purposes, a valid license badge is required.

Advantages of Obtaining a Tourism License

In the UAE, especially in Dubai, tourism business permits have long been in great demand. Dubai's tourism permits might be affected by the new laws in the following ways:

  1. The benefit of having an incoming, outward, and travel agent all under one license, with no additional fees or bank guarantees.
  2. Reduces the initial cost of license setup.
  3. Will aid in the company's empowerment to work in the tourism industry both inside and outside the region.
  4. Shows and displays can be put on, as well as global conferences.
  5. The company can offer plane tickets as well as visit visas (subject to Immigration approval) in the UAE with a travel agent license.
  6. Because it has a travel agent and an Inbound Tourism license, the organization will provide housing, arrange guided/planned excursions, and provide transportation to guests.

Dhanguard's licensing and support services for tourism firms

The Department of Tourism and Commerce regulates tourism in the United Arab Emirates. We've developed solutions to help you choose the best model for starting and running a tourist business.

Assistance in maintaining bank accounts

Assistance with meeting your bank's mandatory compliance standards, validating business transactions on your corporate account, and interacting with the bank.

Nominee services

In order to conceal beneficiaries and use transfer pricing schemes across all related firms in a corporate structure, nominees are used in the UAE.

Tax planning at a global level

Assistance in deciding on a location for formation and the legal structure of the company, as well as assistance in navigating licensing procedures and obtaining the necessary permits to start the firm.

Providing proof of economic substance

Proof of conducting business activities at the location where your firm is registered, evidence of a control and management center, and proof that your operations are tax resident in the UAE.

Key characteristics and distinctions between tourism licenses based on the jurisdiction in which they are issued-

Tourism License issued in Mainland

  • Supply of a diverse range of travel services in any territory, both domestically and internationally, with no limits.
  • To get a tourism license, regulating government bodies such as the Department of Tourism and others must provide necessary licenses for performing operations. The existence of a qualified manager, a legitimate business strategy, and insurance are the main requirements of these departments.
  • Available for hotel and guest house activities with 100% foreign ownership and no involvement of a local partner. It is suggested that a Process Agent be hired to represent clients' interests in Immigration and to handle other administrative tasks.
  • Several tourism-related businesses, such as consulting or management, are founded with 100 percent foreign ownership and the appointment of a local service agent, or LSA.

Tourism license issued in a Free Trade Zone

  • The supply of travel services by a travel agent or tour operator only to locations outside of the UAE, as well as the option of offering travel advising, if you only do business outside of the UAE. There are only a few different types of FTZ tourism permits to choose from.
  • Work in the domestic market can be established by implementing travel services under an agency scheme, in which a travel firm in the FTZ operates as an intermediary (agent) and exclusively works with local accredited travel companies to provide travel services (companies with a travel license issued to a local company). Another constraint is the UAE's difficulty to obtain quotas for tourist visas.
  • The list of shareholders is not restricted in any way. Foreign ownership is permissible in its entirety, as is getting a resident visa.

How to Get a Dubai Travel Agency License and Open a Business

After getting the Tourism License in United Arab Emirates, you could also opt for opening your very own Travel Agency in UAE, which is also a fruitful business.
In order to open a travel agency in Dubai, you must first obtain a license. And following these steps will assist you in obtaining one.

  • Select the type of travel agency license you require.
  • assemble the necessary documents
  • Comply with all special requirements
  • Fill out the application and pay the required payments.

For your convenience, I've included a thorough explanation –

Select the type of travel agency license you require

The first thing you should know before applying for a travel agency license in Dubai is the numerous sorts of travel agency licenses that the authorities provide. Dubai travel and tourism agency licenses are divided into three categories. You must choose one of the three licenses to begin this business. There are three sorts of licenses:

  • As a tour operator specializing on inbound travel,
  • As a tour operator specializing on outbound travel,
  • Working as a Travel Agent

Collect the necessary documents

After you've decided on the type of license you want, the next best thing to do is gather the paperwork you'll need to apply for it. It's possible to imitate them in the following way:

  • The authorities' filled-out application form
  • Applicants' copies of valid passports
  • The manager's certificate of professional qualification and work experience
  • Certificate of the owner's good conduct/certificate of his or her clean criminal record
  • The feasibility study report for the project's economic and technical viability
  • The Civil Aviation Authority has not issued a letter of objection.

Special Requirements

Aside from providing the documentation, there are a few more requirements that an individual or company must meet. The following are the terms and conditions:

  • When forming a travel agency, it must be organized as an LLC with the foreign citizen owning 49 percent of the shares and the local sponsor owning the remaining 51 percent.
  • If the company's manager has a bachelor's degree or (Qualification in Travel and Tourism), he or she must have at least 3 years of experience, and if the manager has a secondary certificate, he or she must have at least 5 years of experience.
  • One add-on document, namely a permission on behalf of the Emirate's Department of Civil Aviation, is required if a license as a travel agent is to be obtained.
  • If you choose an inbound/outbound tour operator, a feasibility assessment report showing the benefits of the tourism sector in the country is required.
  • Any bank in Dubai will offer an irrevocable bank guarantee in the name of DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) for an inbound tour operator.
  • AED 200,000 for an outbound tour operator Any bank in Dubai can offer an irrevocable bank guarantee in the name of the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).
  • Any bank in Dubai should issue AED 100,000 irrevocable bank guarantee in the name of the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) for a travel agent activity.
  • For this activity, there is no need for insurance or a feasibility study report. If all three activities are included, the total bank guarantee is AED 400,000.

Send in your application and supporting documents

After you've taken care of all the above-mentioned paperwork, this step will walk you through the meat of the issue, which is how to fill out the form and submit the required documents to obtain your license.

  • To begin, submit the company's name to the DED counter at Tas'heel Centre. Obtain first authorization from the same department for the formation of a corporation.
  • After filling out the paperwork at any typing center, you must obtain signatures from all partners and submit the form to the DED.
  • DED will provide a form for the site inspection after first approval. Fill out the form completely, attach a location map, and submit it to the DED along with your final paperwork. Before issuing the license, an officer will come to inspect it.
  • The LLC agreement (MoA) should be typed by a legal translation and attested by a Notary Public. The legal translator's seal is not required if the agreement is written in Arabic.
  • Following that, all of the Partners or Attorneys must appear at the Notary to sign the Court Agreement.
  • Prepare the tenancy agreement.
  • Submit all of your paperwork, pay at the counter, and receive your license.

Once you've received your license, be sure you register it with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Pick up a registration form, fill it out, add an authorized signature and a company stamp, and submit it to the Dubai Chamber counter. At the same moment, a certificate will be awarded. Payment has already been made to DED, along with the costs for the Tourism License.

The Dubai Chamber certificate is required for registration with numerous government agencies as well as expanding your business into other Emirates. The Travel Agency License is only valid for one year and must be renewed every year after that.

How can Dhanguard help?

It is difficult to obtain this license or even create a travel agency because the travel and tourism industry is heavily controlled. However, you can always enlist the help of specialized companies. Entrusting the job to professionals makes it much easier and more efficient to focus on developing your ideas and ambitions. Dhanguard can assist you in obtaining your tourism license. Get in touch with us right now to learn more.

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