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Due to the growth of other businesses in the business, an advertising agency is in high demand. It is critical for investors who open a firm in Dubai to publicise their venture. As a result, an advertising company in Dubai is required. If you want to start an advertising agency in Dubai, you'll need an experienced consultant who can guide you through the process from start to finish. We, at Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, can assist you in establishing such a business. Please get in touch with us; we'd be pleased to assist you

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All big and small brands, global firms, and young start-ups are interested in expanding their businesses to new heights under Dubai's beneficial rules and tax-free jurisdiction. All of these businesses require the services of an advertising agency in order to establish their product or service in the competitive market among their particular target audiences. Opening an advertising agency in Dubai is unquestionably a lucrative venture.

Advertising is one such emerging business that is seeing high demand as a result of the increased number of new firms being established. Due to the growth of other industries, an advertising agency is in high demand. When investors start firms, they need to publicise them in the public eye, which necessitates the hiring of advertising agencies to aid in the growth of these businesses among the general population. As a result, it simply means that growth in other industries leads to growth in the advertising industry. As a result, it's reasonable to conclude that starting a business in Dubai is a wise decision.

Regulating Legislation for Marketing & Advertising License

Entrepreneurs and investors must adhere to a number of legal regulations in order to open an advertising agency. Although creating or establishing an advertising firm is not difficult, the difficult part comes thereafter. These advertising agencies must adhere to the guidelines and advertising standards issued in the UAE's official gazette.

In most cases, registering an advertising agency is the same as registering any other form of business. Our Dubai company formation advisors can help with the registration of an advertising firm.

Benefits of Setting up Marketing & Advertising Business

Advantages of establishing an advertising agency in the United Arab Emirates are as follows-

Tax benefits: -

One of the key advantages of establishing a business in the UAE is the tax incentives.

Financial viability: -

There is no minimum capital requirement for the formation of a business, making it easier to get started.

Market Footprint: -

The UAE business setup allows you to create an office anywhere in Dubai with no limits, allowing you to expand your company's presence throughout the country.

Reputation: -

Setting up a business in the UAE gives your company more credibility and respect, as well as complete managerial control.

Services Offered by Marketing & Advertising License

The KHDA provides for the following mentioned means of promoting advertisement and marketing in UAE:

  • Print Ads
  • Billboards
  • Radio and television ads
  • Multimedia advertisements
  • Email campaigns

Other requirements which are expected by every advertisement agency to comply with are, they must -

  • be impartial.
  • contain the name of the agency creating them.
  • not be offensive.
  • present accurate information.
  • respect people’s privacy.
  • show respect for the religious beliefs.

An advertising agency in Dubai can provide a diverse range of services in the field of advertising. A company is picked based on its requirements and budget.

Below are the three categories that mention a marketing activity:

  1. Commercial advertisement
  2. Professional advertisement
  3. Industrial advertisement

It is up to the corporation requiring an advertisement licence to decide which category of advertisement to approach.

A crucial concept is the prohibition of combining a specific sort of activity with a different form of advertising licence. In Dubai, for example, a commercial activity cannot be added to the same advertising licence, nor can a professional activity or an industrial activity be integrated into a professional advertising licence.

How to Obtain a Dubai Advertising License

In Dubai, the process of obtaining an advertising licence is simpler, but it takes time. The Media License Department is the authority in charge of issuing media licences in Dubai. The procedures are outlined below.

Initial Approval Certificate, IAC

The Initial Approval Certificate requires an initial approval by submitting the essential paperwork to the DED, Department of Economic Development, which includes the owners' passport copies as well as all other required documentation (DED).

Trade Name Certificate, TNC

The second important stage in establishing an advertising firm in Dubai is to obtain a trade name certificate, which includes both a trade name and a payment reservation.

Requirement for the office

The company's name requires an office leasing contract after completing the processes outlined under the IAC and TNC. The minimum office size required for the licence setup is around 200 square feet. The cost of renting such an office varies based on the region.


The signature on the memorandum is required to complete the procedure of getting a licence. These signatures must be secured through the courts.

Required Permission for Marketing & Advertising License

The following are the main permissions that the Dubai government requires:

  • For the purpose of advertising in Dubai, permission from the Dubai municipality is required in connection to the contents and visuals.
  • Ads placed on pavements or along the sides of public roadways require permission from the Road and Transport Authority.
  • The approval of the activities to be done requires permission from the National Council. These activities normally come with a charge, which ranges from AED 5,000 to AED 10,000. The approval procedure normally takes two to three weeks. Other external clearances may be requested by the NMC and DED.
  • After submitting all relevant documentation and making the final payment for the licence, permission from the Department of Economic Development is granted.

Dubai Media City is in charge of all key licence activities in the media area, in addition to all legal procedures. The goal of forming a company in Dubai is to find a local agent who will sponsor your venture and own 51 percent of the company.

How choose Dhanguard?

Before establishing an advertising firm in Dubai, it is critical to choose the right jurisdiction. This type of business will thrive in the Dubai Media City free zone, which has a special economic standing.

In addition to the government of the Emirate of Dubai's commitment to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, there are excellent conditions for the organisation of the advertising industry. This zone's jurisdiction registers enterprises and agencies, provides maximal state support, and provides contemporary communication facilities and advanced technology from around the world.

By establishing a firm in Dubai Media City, you will be able to take advantage of additional benefits such as customs and tax exemptions. If you want to take your advertising agency to the next level in Dubai, call Dhanguard Business Consultancy with any questions you have about advertising business setup in Dubai, and let us help you with our years of experience in business setup in Dubai.

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