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Get Business Consultancy License in Dubai, UAE 

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The varied economy of the United Arab Emirates makes it a desirable market for consultancy firms. Individuals and large organizations who require the specialized services of professional consultants are given advice and direction by consulting firms. With so many growing industries, the demand for business consulting and support in the UAE is always on the rise.Create their own firms, with a particular concentration on consulting industry entrepreneurs. Many organizations now seek consulting knowledge and direction to map out future strategies and improved business scenarios for their companies, which has resulted in an increase in consultancies demand. They also want to restructure their operations to become more digitally focused, as well as assure business continuity and resilience.

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When you want to start a consulting firm in Dubai, the first step is to get a business license. Let's take a look at the entire process of obtaining a consultant license in Dubai.

There are various steps to follow in order to obtain a consultancy license in Dubai

  • Determine the nature of your business.
  • Make a firm name registration.
  • Choose an appropriate business structure: sole proprietorship, limited liability Company, or foreign company branch.
  • Choose between the Dubai Free Zone and the Mainland for your business.
  • Based on your budget, select an office type (Flexi-Desk, executive office, etc.).
  • By submitting the relevant documentation and paying the license costs, you can apply for a consultancy license.
  • Obtain a consultancy license, a UAE residency visa, and a company bank account.

Types of Consultation Licenses

When applying for a consultancy licence, make sure you apply for the one that is appropriate for the nature of the commercial activity you plan to conduct. In the UAE, there are various sorts of consultancy licenses based on a variety of business operations, as follows:

  • Consulting on Starting a Business
  • Industrial Advisory Services
  • Strategy Construction Consultancy
  • Financial Consultation
  • Consulting on Investments
  • Consulting on Market Research
  • Consultancy in Sales and Marketing
  • Consulting on Strategic Marketing
  • Consulting on Project Management
  • Consulting in Accounting and Finance
  • Manpower Consulting and HR Services
  • Operations and Processes Management Advisory Services
  • Consulting in Logistics and Shipping
  • Engineering Consultancy IT Consultancy
  • Legal Advising
  • Consulting on Risk Management and Compliance

In order to obtain a Consultancy License in Dubai, you must first complete the following steps.

  1. You can apply for a consultancy license (commercial or professional) through Dhanguard. When applying for a consulting license, you must submit the following documents:
    • Completed application form, as well as the required documentation about yourself and your company
    • Copies of the business owner's or owners' passports and visas
    • Two passport-size color photographs
    • Depending on the type of consultancy firm, copies of specific approvals obtained from the relevant government authorities.
    • If the shareholder has a visit visa, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the sponsor's Unified Number is required.
  2. The application process is quick, and the license is normally issued in a matter of days. You will receive an email including a scanned copy of the original trade license. You can immediately begin operating your consulting business after receiving a copy of the license.

Why should you think about getting a Consultancy License in Dubai?

UAE as a rising hub for entrepreneurs with experience in a variety of fields - including food, hospitality, technology, healthcare, tourism, retail, and more – all of which require the assistance of professional consultants. One of the most popular and in-demand business licenses in the UAE is a consultancy license.

In the UAE, there are two alternatives for starting your consultant business:

  • Establishment of a corporation on the mainland
  • Establishment of a free zone business

The Department of Economic Development will process your application if you've decided to start a mainland business. A mainland license opens up a world of possibilities for running a business anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and globally. Many of its activities are covered by the consultant license.

If you choose to operate your business in a free zone, you must be aware of the activity and the place where it is carried out. In the United Arab Emirates, there are more than 50 free zones. With a free zone license, you may save money on taxes and customs while maintaining complete control over your business without the requirement for a local service agent.

List of Consultancy Licenses in the United Arab Emirates

There are several types of consultancy licenses in the United Arab Emirates, each based on unique business activities.

  • Human Resources Consultation
  • Engineering Consulting Management Consulting
  • Financial Consultation
  • Consulting on Starting a Business
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Consulting on Investments
  • Consulting in Information Technology
  • Market Consultancy & Market Research
  • Internet Advisory Services
  • Consultants in Tourism and Recreation
  • Sports Consulting & Research
  • Projects & Consultancy in the Energy Sector
  • Computer Consultants, amongst others.

There are several business jurisdictions to consider for a consultancy license in the UAE.

In the UAE, you can receive a consultant license from one of two jurisdictions. Investors can benefit from each of the business jurisdictions in different ways. Consultancy is one of the most flexible business activities in the UAE, as it can be carried out nearly anywhere on the planet. There is a lot of room for growth in this industry. The United Arab Emirates is the business capital of the world, and it is the ideal location for investors to start a consulting firm and simply expand it up and grow it. Businesses in the UAE have a lot of room to grow and acquire new clientele and business prospects. As a result, obtaining a consultancy license in the UAE Mainland or Free Zone is advantageous for investor.

Consultancy License of Dubai Economy

A Dubai Economy consultancy license is regarded as an individual ownership liability. Individuals can start a civil work firm by registering a trade name with the Dubai Economy and adding shareholders (all professionals). To qualify for a professional consultancy license, investors must submit a verified degree and take the Management Skills Placement Test.

The main advantage of a Dubai consultancy license is that it allows foreigners to possess 100 percent of the company. However, for administrative purposes, a local Agent must be hired for a yearly fee to communicate with the government. Individuals who have registered with Dubai Economy are also eligible to participate in government projects and contracts.

Consultancy License for Free Zones in the UAE

The UAE's Free Zones provide cost-effective consultancy licensing packages at historically low prices. Setting up a Free Zone Consultancy company is a great way to get started or test the waters.The UAE's Free Zones provide the ideal infrastructure, amenities, and business license for establishing consulting enterprises in the country. One of the most in-demand business license categories is the Consultancy License from the UAE Free Zones. The Free Trade Zones are perfect for investors who want to set up a consulting office and invite clients to a meeting. The ecology and business network in Free Zones contribute considerably to the growth of consultancies in the UAE.

Why Choose Dhanguard?

Dhanguard can help you select the appropriate Consultancy license option according on your needs and budget. We will examine all of your requirements in depth and build the most cost-effective Company Formation Package for you. We will assist you through all of the company formation processes in the UAE, based on our professional experience of more than two years in the field of company formation and related operations in the UAE.

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