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Dubai Economic Department (DED) 

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The procedure of starting a business in Dubai can appear perplexing, time-consuming, and costly. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you, and we always begin with a thorough understanding of your requirements. Are you going to register your business on the mainland by the end of the year? Contact Dhanguard as soon as possible to get the company registered.

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Table of Contents 

  1. DED Divisions in Dubai
  2. Department of Economic Development products and services
  3. In Dubai, how do one apply for a Department of Economic Development licence?
  4. Why Choose Dhanguard

Dubai Economic Department

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) is the licensing and controlling authority for all company creation activities on the mainland of Dubai.

DED has different business license categories for investors to perform various business activities in Dubai and the UAE in order to boost commerce and entrepreneurship.

The first step in launching a business in Dubai is to familiarize yourself with the DED Dubai '\ s policies and procedures. To assist any new business owners and entrepreneurs interested in establishing a business in Dubai, we '\ ve put together this article outlining the role of Department of Economic Development or DED in Dubai and the various services they provide. First let?s understand what is Mainland company.

Company formation in Mainland

The Department of Economic Development issues a license to form a mainland firm, which is an onshore firm. A mainland company can do business in the UAE market as well as outside the country without any restrictions. In order for an entrepreneur to decide to register a Mainland Company in the UAE, he or she must first comprehend the term "Mainland" as defined by the DED.

In order to start a business on the mainland in the UAE, you must first register with the Department of Economic Development (DED). A mainland corporation is a legal entity that is free to operate both inside and outside of the country. The following are the three key advantages of founding a company in Mainland:

  • The ability to choose a location in any part of Dubai.
  • The ability to trade anywhere in the UAE or internationally.
  • The ability to engage in a variety of commercial operations.

This is for people who want to start a business in Dubai that has been approved by the Dubai Economic Department (DED). We assist with mainland business formation in accordance with the UAE Governments guidelines and regulations. The following are some facts concerning UAE mainland companies:

  • Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, which went into force on July 1, 2015, regulates these businesses.
  • In any commercial limited liability firm, no expatriate can own more than 49 percent of the shares (LLC).
  • Any GCC national can own 100% of a companys stock.
  • Companies or individuals from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can form partnerships with UAE nationals.
  • Only UAE nationals are allowed to own 100% of certain commercial activities under UAE legislation.
  • Business activities that fall within the professional category can be owned entirely by expats or foreigners, however a service agent must be a UAE national.
  • In the United Arab Emirates, it is classified as an onshore commercial entity.

Department of Economic Development (DED)

The Department of Economic Development is a government agency in Dubai that manages and supervises the emirates economic agenda. Their goal is to use strategic plans and strategies to improve and accelerate Dubais economys long-term growth. The current Director-General of Dubais Department of Economic Development is Sami Al Qamzi.

DED Dubais ultimate goal is to make Dubai a global economic powerhouse. This goal is being aided by six strategic pillars, each of which aims to build the necessary infrastructure, technology, and legal framework to encourage local and foreign investors, firms, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to conduct business.

Department of Economic Development Pillars

The six strategic pillars of DED are as follows:

  • Economic Development.
  • Competitiveness in the marketplace.
  • Happiness in the business community.
  • Economic planning and foresight.
  • DED should be advanced.
  • Financial stability is important.

DED Divisions in Dubai

The DED is divided into four departments, each of which supports distinct aspects of the Dubai economy.

Dubai Exports

This DED organization provides assistance to customers and suppliers in the UAEs export business.

Dubai FDI

The Dubai FDI programme assists foreign companies interested in investing in Dubais economy.

Dubai SME

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) established this section in 2002 to support Dubais small and medium business sector.

Dubai Economy

This organization was created to guarantee that businesses collaborate with local, federal, regional, and international organizations. The Dubai Competitiveness Office is another name for it.

Department of Economic Development products and services

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for monitoring the development of Dubais business sector as well as providing services connected to issuing, revising, and monitoring business licenses in Dubai, such as the DED e-trader license. DED Dubai may currently grant a trade license for 2,100 different business activity. Industrial, commercial, professional, and tourism activities are the four categories in which these business activities fall. When you visit the DED website, you can use the e-services portal to access five different types of services. The following is a list of all DED services available on the website.

  • Update Mobile Number
  • Reserve Trade Name
  • Renew Trade Name
  • Renew licence
  • Print licence
  • Pay Inspection Fines
  • Manage Licence Contact
  • Licence Activities? Terms and Conditions
  • Issue Initial Approval
  • Issue Branch Initial Approval
  • Instant Licence

In Dubai, how do one apply for a Department of Economic Development licence?

Here are a few things youll need to finish before applying for a DED business licence.

Choosing between Freezone and Dubais Mainland

A business owner must decide whether they wish to operate in ?Mainland Dubai or a Freezone before applying for a DED licence in Dubai. These are two distinct business sectors, each with its own set of advantages and regulations. Our company setup guide can help you grasp the differences between mainland and free zones in Dubai. If a business owner wants to operate in Mainland Dubai, they will just need to register with DED Dubai.

Determining the Legal Form of The Company

Another key consideration is the legal form, or legal entity, that the company will adopt. The nature of economic activity, the number and nationality of owners, and the ownership alternatives all influence the legal structure that a company can choose. According to the DED website, a firm can choose from 16 different legal forms.

  1. Branch of a Dubai-based Com?pany
  2. Branch of a Foreign Company
  3. Branch of a Free zone Company
  4. Branch of a GCC-based Company
  5. Branch of a UAE-based Com?pany
  6. Civil Company
  7. Intelaq (Home-based business for UAE Nationals)
  8. Limited Liability Company
  9. One Person Company (LLC)
  10. Partnership Company
  11. Private Share Holding Company
  12. Public Share Holding Company
  13. Representative Office
  14. Simple Limited Partnership
  15. SME Licence
  16. Sole Proprietorship

Obtaining the Documents Necessary for a DED License

After deciding on a legal form, the following step is to gather all of the necessary documents in order to begin the Dubai business licence application process. The following is a list of documents that must be submitted in order to obtain a DED licence.

  • A valid trade name certificate is required.
  • Initial Approval Certificate that is valid.
  • Dubai Municipality has accepted the tenancy contract, which has been certified by RERA (Ejari).
  • Memorandum of Association (For LLCs, One-Person Companies, Private Shareholding Companies (Private Joint Stock Companies), Public Shareholding Companies, Simple Limited Partnerships, Partnership Companies, and Civil Companies)
  • Agreement with a Local Service Agent (Applicable when a UAE national, represents your business with regards to licensing and compliance.).
  • Government approvals (applicable to specific sorts of businesses)

Why Choose Dhanguard

Dubai not only provides tremendous commercial prospects for regional investors. However, it is a vibrant international market for businesses with a desire to expand globally. Dubai has a huge market reach and is a great place to do business. This is an ideal time to start a mainland company in Dubai because the market is exceptionally friendly for new firms, with simple and thorough legal requirements. All you need is a local sponsorship established under a Dubai LLC business setup, which we can also assist you with. The Department of Economic Development is in charge of all obligatory licenses and company formation.

Statistics show that forming a mainland company in Dubai is the next significant milestone for all new entry enterprises, according to trade experts. Dubais market has long been the most lucrative for international firms and talents; in other words, you had a need for perfect talent, and your clients were satisfied with your pick.

Dhanguard provides the business setup and company formation services in Dubai, UAE with the guidance of our professional team of consultants. Faster and hassle-free company setup in Mainland and Freezone in UAE.

Dhanguard provides Mainland business setup services in Dubai and Abudhabi with the guidance of our professional team of consultants. Faster and hassle-free company setup in Mainland in UAE.

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