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Remote Work Visa: Live in the UAE for One Year

By Ananya - 29 Jan 2022 Last Updated: 04 May 2022
Remote Work Visa: Live in the UAE for One Year

The UAE cabinet approved a new Remote Work Visas scheme to allow employees from all over the world to work remotely from the UAE with the goal of attracting talent and expertise from all over the world. The one-year visa allows foreigners to enter the UAE on their own and work in accordance with the visas terms and conditions.

The significant step, which is thought to be first of its kind in the region, allows entrepreneurs and talents to innovate in the UAE safe and attractive business environment, with access to all necessary services, including world-class utilities and telecoms.    

What is the UAE One-Year Visa?

The Virtual Working Programme (VWP) is the official name for Dubai's one-year visa. Holders of the arrangement are permitted to relocate to Dubai from outside the UAE and legally work remotely for their current company or organization.

Advantages of the UAE Remote Work Visa

Apart from providing visa holders with the legal right to live and work in the UAE, the 1-year visa also provides foreign remote workers with access to all of the standard services that residents enjoy, such as banking, utilities, and even schooling.

The visa holder is also allowed to leave the country and return to the UAE multiple times. However, if you leave the UAE for more than six months, your visa will be automatically revoked.

Remote workers can enter Dubai under self-sponsorship and pay no income tax.

Persons Eligible for a One-year Visa to the UAE

Any eligible foreign national who can work remotely is welcome to apply for VWP.

The one-year visa is specifically designed to help remote workers, entrepreneurs, and other location-independent individuals who want to live and work in Dubai. If the UAE approves your application to live in Dubai, you may even bring your family with you.

Necessary requirements of the One-Year Visa UAE

The requirements are as follows-

  • A passport with a minimum validity period of six months.
  • A valid health insurance policy in the UAE

Employees must provide the following information

  • Proof of employment from their current employer with a one-year contract.
  • A minimum monthly salary of AED5,000
  • The most recent pay slip along with a bank statement from the previous three months    

Business owners must provide the following information

  • Proof of company ownership for one year or more.
  • An average monthly income of 5000 AED
  • A bank statement detailing the previous three months income.

Process for applying one year visa UAE

Once you determined your eligibility, simply fill out the online form. The relevant authorities will contact you with additional application instructions.

Is it possible to extend the one-year UAE visa?

The one year visa is extendable in the sense that you can apply for the VWP multiple times in a row. You have to restart the process as described above.

Fees for the one-year visa

Te fee for a one-year visa to the UAE is AED 287 per applicant. Keep in mind, However, that you will also need to obtain an insurance policy and will be subject to processing and Emirates ID fees. Obtaining the VWP will cost you approximately AED 611. Keep in mind that paying the processing fee does not guarantee that your application will be approved.

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How Much does the Dubai Work Remote Visa Cost?

The total government fees for a one-year Dubai Work Remote Visa are AED 2,300. (USD 620). This includes the visa processing expenses as well as the expenditures incurred by Dubai Immigration. This application is for a one-year visa. The cost of renewing the Dubai Work Remote Visa for year 2 is the same as the first year: AED 2,300 (USD 620). At the conclusion of year 1, a new application will be required, with the same paperwork requirements and process. Payment of the applicable fees does not guarantee that the application will be approved as part of the Visa application process. The cost of health insurance is determined by a number of factors, including age and health status. Dhanguard can connect you with a variety of health insurance carriers and will handle the procedure as part of the visa application.

The applicant can utilize travel insurance, but after the visa application is completed, it must be transferred to locally registered UAE health insurance.

The above does not include any additional service fees that the applicant may request, such as having a business like Dhanguard assist them with document gathering, attestation, and organizing, as well as the application and visa procedure.

The following prices do not include any foreign document attestation costs that may be required if the applicant wants their qualification documents, corporate documents, or evidence of employment, among other things, notarized, legalized, and attestation in their home country. 

If the visa applicant chooses to sponsor their spouse and children in the UAE, this is possible and can be done after the remote visa has been secured.


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