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Do You have to pay taxes while Purchasing Real Estate in Dubai?

By Sakshi Srivastava - 27 May 2022 Last Updated: 27 May 2022
Do You have to pay taxes while Purchasing Real Estate in Dubai?

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. Dubai's Real Estate
  2. 2. Scenario regarding Taxes & Fees when purchasing a Property in Dubai
  3. 3. Conclusion

Dubai is the gateway to the Middle East, making it a land of endless possibilities. Dubai stands out among the top players in the region, whether it is in global or regional trade, industry, fantastic tourism attractions, or unrivaled hospitality.

  • Dubai alone has an incredible amount of free zones dedicated to almost every aspect of international trade and commerce.

  • These cutting-edge free zones provide world-class infrastructure and a slew of tax benefits to foreign enterprises who establish operations in the Dubai free zones. Dubai is also one of the world's most important financial centers.

  • Many business companies with regional operations in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) have offices in Dubai.

  • Access to regional consumer markets is provided by mainland corporations. Many local and multinational enterprises have set up shop in Dubai as a result of these chances, as well as foreign expatriate personnel looking for global business and investment opportunities with good remuneration.

Dubai is a worldwide metropolis with the best infrastructure facilities for living a luxurious and high-quality life. The people of Dubai are incredibly open and tolerant. Residents are free to publicly practise their religion and culture.

Dubai has implemented rigorous policies that have helped to keep crime rates low. It is one of the few cities in the world where police officers are equipped with supercars to combat crime. As a result, Dubai is considered one of the safest cities on the planet. Thus in today's blog Dhanguard will discuss whether it is necessary to make payment of taxes while purchasing Real Estate in Dubai. So without any further ado, let's learn!

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Dubai's Real Estate

  • The real estate market is extremely important to Dubai's economy. Following the relaxation of regulations that removed limits on foreigners purchasing property in Dubai, the real estate industry has seen an upward trend in growth.

  • Many expatriates live in Dubai and work for a variety of local and international companies. Dubai's in-house airlines provide improved connectivity between the Eastern and Western worlds, serving travelers from all over the world. Many tourists have begun to acquire villas in Dubai and use them as their vacation homes.

  • Many studies have shown that owning a house in Dubai is more cost effective in the long run than renting a property in Dubai, where rentals are higher for individual home owners. During the global economic crisis of 2008, the property market saw ups and downs. Since then, the market has recovered and provided large profits to international investors.

Scenario regarding Taxes & Fees when purchasing a Property in Dubai

Non-citizens can buy and own homes in major cities and business hubs around the world. The buyer, on the other hand, is likely to pay a significant portion of the additional funds on taxes and other legal acquiescence procedures. Dubai, on the other hand, offers various advantages to foreign property buyers.

There are no Property Taxes

Property owners in Dubai are not subject to any property taxes imposed by the government. It has been one of the most important elements in attracting foreign investors to buy and own real estate in Dubai. Property owners, primarily tourists or holiday home buyers, can now purchase their dream home without having to worry about paying exorbitant annual property taxes.

Registration Fees

When the property is transferred from seller to buyer, the Dubai Land Development (DLD) charges a registration fee. AED 2000 for properties worth less than 500,000 dirhams and AED 4000 for properties worth more than 500,000 dirhams is presently the fee. When compared to its counterparts around the world, the registration fee in Dubai is significantly lower.

Fees for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agent fees, which average roughly 2% of the purchase price, must be paid by the property buyer. The commission levied by the real estate agent for their services in assisting the buyer in acquiring the property in Dubai is commonly referred to as the fee.

Transfer Fees for Dubai Land Development

The fee charged when a property is transferred from one party to another. Throughout the process of property transfer, a 4% transfer fee is paid to Dubai Land Development (DLD). The whole cost is split evenly between the buyer and the seller.

Fees for Valuation

During the purchase of the property, the buyer must pay the Dubai authorities' valuation charge. The valuation charge establishes the property's current value and aids the parties in appraising the property. The fees for valuations typically vary from AED 2500 - AED 3500.

Fees for Oqood

The fee is charged when acquiring off-the-plan properties, and it is intended to fund the registration of all agreements between the buyer and the off-the-plan property developer. The asking price for the property is now set at 4% of the total purchase price.

Municipal Tax

The local municipality expects property owners to pay a periodic rental tax. The tax is calculated at 5% of the neighborhood's average rent. The cost is paid after the property is registered by the owner, albeit in the case of rented property, the buyer can collect payments from the tenants and deposit them with the authorities. Property purchasing in the Dubai real estate market offers investors a high rate of return. Considering the strict respect to international construction norms, the infrastructure is well-developed. Consumers have a wide range of options for owning a vacation home in Dubai due to the high number of properties available.


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