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How to get Travel Agency License in UAE?

By Sakshi Srivastava - 26 Feb 2022 Last Updated: 26 Feb 2022
How to get Travel Agency License in UAE?

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. What is a Travel Agent's Role in Dubai?
  2. 2. Types of Activities Permitted by a Travel Agency License
  3. 3. Prerequisites for Starting a Travel Agency in Dubai
  4. 4. Steps to Obtain Travel Agency License
  5. 5. Conclusion

There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The pleasant climate, beautiful coast, architectural monuments, and stunning modern buildings make Dubai an ideal destination for any type of vacation. The UAE government is investing heavily in the development of the tourism industry. The combination of these factors makes Dubai an appealing jurisdiction for running a tourism business or a travel agency.

What is a Travel Agent's Role in Dubai?

As previously stated, the travel agent is a mandatory requirement regardless of the business form chosen by the owner. The travel agent plays an important role in the company because he or she must complete the following tasks

  • The agent will be in charge of selling plane tickets; he or she will also assist with obtaining a travel visa.
  • The agent will be in charge of arranging lodging for the tourists.
  • The agent will also arrange for transportation and guided tours (where applicable).

Types of Activities Permitted by a Travel Agency License

In order to improve its travel sector, the UAE tourism department has provided various types of activities that a travel agency can offer its customers. Dubai tourism companies can choose from the following activities

  • Buying and selling plane tickets
  • Providing travel insurance
  • Selling tourist packages via a website; assisting with visa issuance
  • Developing tourist packages and marketing them via various channels
  • Providing lodging options

Prerequisites for Starting a Travel Agency in Dubai

Before you apply for a travel agency licence as a business owner, you should be aware of the following

  • A travel agency licence manager must have three years of experience if he or she has a university diploma or a certificate in travel and tourism, or five years if he or she only has a high school diploma.
  • Provide a lease contract as well as a blueprint of the location where the travel agency will be located. The contract must be signed for a minimum of three months, and the office space must be at least 30 meters squared for each activity.
  • The travel agent must obtain a certificate from Dubai's Civil Aviation Department.

Steps to Obtain Travel Agency License

A licence is required to open a travel agency in Dubai. And these steps will assist you in determining how to obtain one.

Create your Business Activity

You'll need to decide what kind of Travel Company you want to run; will you be a travel agency, an inbound tour operator, or an outbound operator? There is a plenty of activity to choose from across all of the markets you could serve.

Select a Company Name

Don't get too attached to any names until you've learned the rules; words like 'global,' 'international,' 'East,' or 'West' are acceptable but may incur additional fees, and there are several restrictions.

Offensive words, for example, are understandably forbidden, as is God's name, whether in English or Arabic.

Apply for a Business Licence

The DED issues trade or business licenses (commercial, professional, industrial, and tourism) in Dubai. All businesses, regardless of industry, must have a trade licence. Depending on the legal form of your business, your memorandum of association, certificate of incorporation, and shareholder passport copies are usually required for the application.

Certain industries necessitate additional licenses from relevant issuing authorities, such as the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in the case of tourism (DTCM).

To apply for a Tourism Licence

The next step is to apply to the DTCM for one of the three additional licenses listed above: outbound operator, inbound operator, or travel agent.

If you want to start a travel agency in Dubai, you'll need an outline of your business plan, a clean criminal record certificate, and a 'No Objection Certificate' (NOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority if you want to sell airline tickets. This must be renewed annually, 30 days before the expiration date.

Set up Employee Visas

Make sure to apply within 30 days of an employee's arrival in the country, after which they will be issued a tourist or visit visa.

Simply register for a staff entry permit on the Ministry of Interior's e-channels portal (another name for a provisional 60-day employment visa). Once issued, employees can activate their entry permit by performing a 'in-country status change,' which is a necessary step in obtaining a full employment visa.

You'll need your trade licence, copies of your passport, and an establishment card ? a service that registers your business with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Remember that it is also your responsibility to obtain 'OK to Board' approval for employees from the South Asian Subcontinent prior to inbound travel.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

Without a trade licence, no bank will recognize your business; however, choose your bank wisely; a poor choice may come back to bite you.

Most will require a constant minimum balance ranging from AED 1m to AED 5,000. Furthermore, some require proof of residency status for at least one shareholder, whereas others do not.


The travel and tourism industry is highly regulated, obtaining this licence or even opening a travel agency is difficult. However, you can always hire the services of a specialized firm. It is much easier and more efficient to delegate the work to professionals and focus on developing your ideas and plans. Dhanguard can assist you in obtaining your travel agency licence. Get in touch with us today to learn more we will gladly assist you.

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