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How to Get Your Real Estate Agent License in Dubai?

By Dhruva Bhatt - 26 Jul 2022 Last Updated: 25 Aug 2022
How to Get Your Real Estate Agent License in Dubai?

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. How to pick the appropriate Legal Framework?
  2. 2. What is the Process to obtain the Real Estate Agent License in Dubai?
  3. 3. What are the Documents you will need to submit to the Authorities?
  4. 4. Tips to become the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai
  5. 5. Conclusion

The real estate industry in the UAE is rising as more and more individuals are relocating there. Dubai boasts some of the nicest properties and is a perfect location to develop a clientele of multicultural people. Setting up a real estate firm in the UAE is a great option because prices and rents for properties are predicted to rise by 10-15 percent by the end of 2022.

Being a real estate agent in Dubai is not an easy endeavor; in order to conduct business lawfully in the UAE, you must have a real estate brokerage license. You must also pass a test administered by DREI, and there is a lot of paperwork and approval required from several government ministries.

Thus in this blog, Dhanguard will shed light on the important aspects of obtaining a Real Estate License in Dubai. So without further ado, let's learn!

How to pick the appropriate Legal Framework?

In Dubai, a real estate brokerage firm has a legal structure choice between a single establishment and a limited liability corporation (LLC).

  • If there is just one owner of the company, the legal structure should be sole establishment, however, if there are more than two shareholders, the legal structure should be LLC, and you will require a local service agent to set up the business.

  • Up to 50 shareholders are permitted in an LLC real estate brokerage.

  • A real estate brokerage firm can only be established in a jurisdiction on the mainland.

What is the Process to obtain the Real Estate Agent License in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development must receive the application for a real estate brokerage license, and RERA must then approve it via the Trakheesi System.

  1. Reservation of the Trade Name

  2. Receipt for initial approval inquiry

  3. Register for online courses and submit the necessary paperwork to the land department.

  4. After training is complete, obtain a NOC or approval from RERA.

  5. Obtain a certificate of initial approval from DED.

  6. Memorandum of Association, Local Service Agent Agreement, and Civil Works Agreement signatures before a notary public Keep in mind that signing requires the presence of all shareholders.

  7. Request a payment voucher from DED after submitting the initial permission, original approved DED form, trade name reservation, tenancy agreement with Ejari, and the aforementioned papers.

  8. Obtain a payment voucher and submit payment.

  9. Obtain a trading license and a broker ID as well as an office registration number.

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What are the Documents you will need to submit to the Authorities?

In order to get your Real Estate Agent License in Dubai, you will need to submit the following documents to the following authorities-

Requirements at Real Estate Regulatory Authority-

  • The owner's passport copy, an Emirates ID card, and a family book

  • A certificate of good conduct given by the Dubai Police

  • Documents/ Degree Certificates of the Owner

  • Certificate of Real Estate Practitioner Course or a Diploma in Real Estate

  • Department of Economic Development Application Form

  • Reservation pertaining to the Trade Name

  • Receipt pertaining to the Initial Approval Enquiry

Requirements at department of Economic Development-

  • Lease agreement and Ejari certification

  • A memorandum of association (if applicable)

  • External Approval given by RERA

  • Copy of the owner's passport, an Emirates ID card, and a family book (if applicable)

  • The Passport size photos only with the white background

Tips to become the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

Below mentioned are the few tips by our Experts which can help you in becoming a renowned Real Estate Agent in Dubai-

Get RERA Certification

Become RERA-certified by enrolling in the Dubai Real Estate Institute's Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers course (DREI). You must pass the exam to register as a broker in Dubai at the conclusion of the course. After passing, proceed to Dubai Police to obtain a Good Conduct Certificate. Then, your employer will get in touch with RERA to request your broker ID. Now is the time to begin your agent career! You can only work in Dubai if you have an RERA broker ID because different emirates have distinct real estate regulatory agencies. Keep in mind that you will need to renew your license each year.

Pick a Reputable Brokerage

Of course, in order to launch your career, you must make the best choice. Dubai is home to a sizable number of real estate companies. You'll want to start out by joining the appropriate group. The company's name and reputation, commission arrangements, visa and health insurance, administrative and marketing assistance, and lead generating tools are a few of the factors to take into account. To make sure you have all you need, Betterhomes offers all of these services.

Recognize the regulations governing Real Estate

Every industry has its own set of rules. As a result, if you wish to pursue a career in real estate, you need to get familiar with the rules governing lease agreements, purchases, and sales, which govern these transactions.

Promote your Services

Target potential customers by calling them, sending them emails, or getting referrals, and put yourself out there by going to regional events. Utilize technology to your advantage and stand out from the competition by including virtual tours, walkthroughs, eye catching photos, and videos with your listings. Even better, think outside the box and design a recurring e-newsletter to communicate with both current and potential customers. The most crucial thing is to spend money on excellent follow-up and after-sales care.

Get to know the Area well

Get to know the area in which you want to specialize. Become the local authority by learning everything there is to know about the neighborhood schools, shopping centers, and transportation options. If you have the means, you might even think about relocating there to gain firsthand knowledge of the community while building relationships with locals to acquire more listings. Become the go-to source for information on houses for sale and rent in your neighborhood. Be informed about price changes, price declines, and market predictions. Learn how much inventory is available, how many customers there are, and how long the inventory is anticipated to be available.

Suitable price

Keep market trends in mind as you choose your property prices. Ascertain that the price you are offering is within the current market range. Even while getting the greatest price for your client should be your goal, keep in mind that time is money, therefore if a property remains on the market for too long, you risk losing your client.


It takes perseverance, commitment, and strong interpersonal skills to succeed as a real estate agent. The amount of time, perseverance, and effort you are willing to invest in your work will ultimately determine how successful you are. A good real estate agent must possess a variety of qualities, including the ability to think creatively, be attentive to clients' needs, and be an excellent negotiator. Thus we hope this blog provided you with insightful information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to visit our Branch Office or our website as well.

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