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How to apply for a Gold Trade License in Dubai?

By Ananya - 03 Aug 2021 Last Updated: 02 May 2022
How to apply for a Gold Trade License in Dubai?

The UAE is a fantastic place to do business. There are few, if any, better places to establish a trading business than Singapore, with direct ties to every corner of the globe and a worldwide position almost exactly where East meets West.

In the UAE, trade in everything from electronics and vehicle components to spices and textiles is expanding. However, there is one commodity traded in this corner of the world that literally glows brighter than the rest. And that is priceless.

In the United Arab Emirates, gold dealing has a long and illustrious history that continues today. The UAE government announced plans for a federal gold trading platform in October of last year, aiming to strengthen the country's position as a gold trading centre.

In addition to a growing market, the UAE offers a quick and simple incorporation process that, with the correct assistance, could have you up and running in days.

What is the best way to operate gold business in Dubai?

There are various alternatives open to you when starting a gold business in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. The first decision you'll have to make is what kind of setup you want to use. This can be a company based in a freezone or one based on the Mainland.

There are various free zones in the UAE that allow gold dealing, but Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is possibly the best. Manufacturing blocks, warehousing, and a big retail centre where traders sell their items to the general public are all part of this sprawling free zone.

You may expect a quick and straightforward incorporation process, ongoing business support, and financial perks such as tax exemptions and no currency limits in any UAE free zone. You can also repatriate funds and profits back to your home country.

You can also start up shop on the mainland of the UAE. The biggest benefit is that you can sell gold in any of the UAE's well-known gold souks. A freezone may be the ideal option for your business if you do not intend to sell directly to the public.

In Dubai, how do you get a gold trading licence?

First and foremost, you should consult with a company setup specialist before applying for a gold trading licence in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE to guarantee you have the necessary information. A professional in business setting can also handle the complete application process for you.

Step one: Choose a name for your business.

When starting a business in the UAE, this is a crucial stage. When making this selection, there are a few things to consider. You must follow a set of naming rules that are both stringent and simple to follow. This is another step where a company setup specialist can assist you.

In short, any disrespectful or profane words should be avoided. If you're naming your company after yourself, avoid well-known company names and abbreviations. You should also double-check that the name you want to use is available for registration.

Step Two: Apply for your licence

Now it's time for the second and most crucial step: submitting your licence application.

If you are establishing a business on the mainland, you can apply directly to the Department of Economic Development or another emirate's equivalent.

If you're establishing a business in a free zone, you can submit your application directly to the free zone's managing authority.

Free zone licences are usually issued within a few days. It is a good idea to retain the services of a business formation professional at this stage to ensure a seamless process.

Whether you apply on your own or through a company formation agent, you will typically only need to give a few details and some basic documentation, such as:

  • Application form filled out completely.
  • A copy of the intended owner or owners' passport is required.
  • Two passport-sized colour pictures are required.

Step Three: Apply for your Visa

The process of applying for your own visa, as well as those of your employees, is unique, yet straightforward, just like applying for a trade licence. With the appropriate assistance, the process of applying for your own visa, as well as those of your employees, is unique, yet uncomplicated. This is another step where an expert in UAE business formation can assist you.

You can also sponsor others for their visas if you have a UAE company licence. A spouse, parent, or kid, as well as a domestic worker such as a housekeeper, could fall into this category.

The maximum number of visas you can apply for is determined by the size of your business, the configuration you choose, and, in the case of dependant visas, your personal earnings.

Where in Dubai can you do gold business? And how do you do it?

Before we begin, you should be aware that there are three (3) regions in Dubai and the rest of the UAE where a gold trading business can be simply established.

The following are the zones or areas:

DMCC Free Zone

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) was founded in 2002 and is located in the city's core. This free zone is one of the largest in Dubai, with approximately 13,000 enterprises operating within its boundaries.

The Financial Times, a British financial publication, has named the DMCC the "Global Free Zone of the Year."

This zone serves as a crossroads for various types of enterprises. One of the most important enterprises here is the trading of diamonds, gold, and other valuable metals and stones.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park Freezone

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park was founded in 2011 with the primary objective of assisting the city's jewellery industry.

As a result, this free zone has become one of the most appealing destinations for both locals and visitors.

It is the only location in Dubai that offers clients a diverse selection of priceless diamonds under one roof. It also offers merchants and businesses a simple atmosphere for exchanging gold and diamonds.

The Dubai Mainland

If you decide to start your gold trading business on the mainland of Dubai, The Gold Souk Market is the finest place to start.

The most significant advantage is that you will be able to sell directly to the local community, which will be your target market.

Furthermore, the area around Dubai's Port Rashid is a hotspot for import and export, so if you're interested in other types of commerce, here is the greatest place to go.

What kind of gold trading licence can I get?

The following licences are necessary in Dubai for legitimate gold trading:

  1. Trading Permit: Allows you to engage in any and all trading activities.
  2. You must have a retail licence in order to sell items at The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.
  3. Manufacturing License: You'll need one of these to carry out any manufacturing activity in your company.
  4. For offering any professional services, a service licence is required.
  5. E-commerce License: This permits you to sell your products online through a dedicated website.


Getting a gold dealing licence in Dubai doesn't have to be difficult if you have the appropriate information. However, it does necessitate some prior knowledge of the procedure. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the application process is only simple if your licence application is full and error-free at the time of submission. When forming a new business in the UAE, it's a good idea to consult with a company formation specialist like Dhanguard to verify that this is the case.

We are a group of company registration experts who are dedicated to realising the ambitions of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. Dhanguard can help you open corporate bank accounts and recommend the best financial institution for your specific needs, in addition to managing your licencing application.

In brief, our professionals can form your company on your behalf, file your licence and visa applications, and handle all of the necessary paperwork, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

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