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How to Acquire Food Truck License in Dubai

By Sakshi Srivastava - 30 Mar 2022 Last Updated: 30 Mar 2022
How to Acquire Food Truck License in Dubai

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. Setting up a Food Truck
  2. 2. Obtaining HACCP Approval
  3. 3. Cost of a Food Truck License
  4. 4. Conclusion

Dubai is procuring acceptance all over the world for its experience. Dubai offers a broad scope of food experience, which is not only limited to Luxury restaurants, but in the form of a food truck.

Food Trucks in Dubai have obtained massive popularity over the past few years, and due to this, there is an increased demand for Food Truck licenses in Dubai. There is a countless probability of food truck ideas in terms of Theme and Cuisine. It is an experience that most people enjoy and look forward to. Let's look beyond what Dhanguard is going to examine about obtaining a Food Truck License in Dubai.

Setting up a Food Truck

Launching a food truck Business in the UAE takes less capital than opening a full-fledged restaurant. Food trucks also have a much faster ROI than restaurants. You have the option of leasing or owning your own food truck. Rent is also less expensive when compared to renting a traditional brick-and-mortar location. It provides company mobility and flexibility.

Acquiring a food truck license in Dubai is the first step in launching a food truck business in Dubai.

You will need the following approvals to obtain a food truck license that is listed below:

Obtaining DED Approval

The Dubai Economic Agency is in charge of understanding the business plan and regulating the economic performance of enterprises in Dubai. This department is also in charge of licensing, inspections, and the issuance of legal contracts for firms.

The first stage is to secure DED and Dubai Municipality approvals to start a food truck in Dubai. You must submit a detailed business strategy to obtain this permission.

The following must be explained in the business plan:

Business Concept

Explaining the thought process behind this venture, as well as its goal and mission. The concept will discuss the consumer experience, the look and feel of the food truck, and the topic of the food truck.

Financial Strategy

We are raising finances from investors for the firm, capital necessity, expenses, break-even, and sales forecasting.

It should also include the following:

  • An examination of the competition
  • The approach for dealing with competitors
  • Value add-ons that will set your company distinct from the competition

The following articles must be included in the financial plan:

  • Funding plan, whether it is to raise capital from investors or through self-investment
  • Risks regarding the business
  • Risk-mitigation strategies
  • Concepts for expanding the business
  • The proposal must convince government officials that your food truck concept is well-thought-out and can be a profitable and sustainable business.

Obtaining HACCP Approval

The truck and its kitchen must be licensed by the appropriate authorities for safety and cleanliness.

You must earn two Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certificates for:

Food Truck Layout

Layout of the Food Truck comprises the overall arrangement of your kitchen. The kitchen layout, serving counter, waste management system, cooking system, and so on must all be approved.

The blueprint of the food truck's design - this covers the complete formation of the food truck and also other issues such as the provision for electricity, truck specs, safety measures, and so on.HACCP certified food trucks will develop brand trust by demonstrating business dedication to food safety. It indicates your commitment in the face of possible threats. It is efficient in terms of food safety and cleanliness.

Cost of a Food Truck License

Depending on your needs, you can obtain a professional or commercial license.

The cost includes:

  • Company Name
  • License
  • Court Sign
  • RTA
  • Stamp
  • Tasheel Fees

By entering the market now, you will be doing so during an exciting point in its development. With a fantastic concept and site, you have a great opportunity of building a flourishing business with the potential to grow to additional venues or other types of catering.

However, obtaining a license is difficult, especially for novices. Working with a competent, Arabic-speaking consultancy with local experience on how to secure DED and HACCP clearances will help you save time and money.

While this can be costly for companies, it can be beneficial for first-time entrepreneurs by saving up time to focus on key operations.


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