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Cost and Document required to get E-trader License in Abu Dhabi

By Sakshi Srivastava - 26 Mar 2022 Last Updated: 26 Mar 2022
Cost and Document required to get E-trader License in Abu Dhabi

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. Who really should apply for an E-trade License in Abu Dhabi?
  2. 2. Advantages of Having an E-Trade License in Abu Dhabi
  3. 3. How to Obtain an E-Trader License in Abu Dhabi
  4. 4. Required Documents for an E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi and Cost Estimate
  5. 5. Cost of an E-Trader License in Dubai
  6. 6. Trading Certification Appropriation
  7. 7. Conclusion

The UAE, notably it is capital Abu Dhabi, is an excellent area to start and grow a business. The government's attempts to promote bilateral ties and trade with practically every country globally are the cause behind this.

An Abu Dhabi license is the documentation that a firm or individual must have to conduct business. The Department of Economic Development is in charge ofthe procedure (DED). After you've obtained the license, you'll be governing and economic able to engage in the following activities. In this blog, Dhanguard will give you information about the requirement of Cost and Document to get an E-Trade License in Abu Dhabi.

Who really should apply for an E-trade License in Abu Dhabi?

Individuals and their r businesses can apply for an E trade license if they endorse and sell things online via websites or social media. A valid E-trader license is required for any online sales made using a valid social media account. This includes stay-at-home mothers and housewives who sell handcrafted crafts, fashion attire, jewellery, and other goods and services on various online platforms. Trader licenses in Dubai are available to home-based businesses that do not require office space Ejari documentation is not required. E-trader licenses are for freelancers who provide a variety of digital services.

An E trader license in Dubai can be applied for by an individual and their residence business that does not require a local partner. E-commerce platform require an E-trade license to sell goods and commodities. The license holder must be a native of the UAE or the Gulf Cooperation Council. Foreign expats of certain other nationalities are also permitted to apply for the license, in addition to UAE and GCC nationals. To apply for an E trader license, the applicant must be a resident of Dubai and must be at least 21 years old.

Advantages of Having an E-Trade License in Abu Dhabi

Acquiring an e-trader license in Dubai provides numerous advantages for those who wish to lawfully sell or advertise items and services through different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or a personal website.

An E-trade license in Abu Dhabi offers various additional advantages, including:

  • E-trader license instills client trust and encourages trouble-free online commerce.
  • Licensing lends validity and authenticity to online business and E-commerce.
  • An E-trade license grants an individual the legal power to promote or sell a product through different online channels such as websites and other social media platforms.
  • Home-based company owners have a chance to participate in events and fairs and demonstrate their goods and services.
  • The license holder can sell the goods on numerous E-commerce websites.
  • License holders can benefit from the DED's E trader training programme.
  • The license protects intellectual property and trade names.

How to Obtain an E-Trader License in Abu Dhabi

The registration of an E trader license is an essential and straightforward process.

  • Create an account on the DED Trader platform. Provide information about your social media account. After registering, pay to the licensing cost.
  • The license must be renewed yearly.

Take advantage of Abu Dhabi's massive E-Commerce potential. Please contact to Dhanguard company setup specialists if you have any questions or concerns about the E trader license in Abu Dhabi.

Required Documents for an E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi and Cost Estimate

To get an E trade license in Abu Dhabi, you must provide DED with essential documentation showing your address, age, residence details, etc. With the license, you are allowed to operate a shop. The license is intended to promote enterprises that use out of people's residence area. If you want to have a business in Abu Dhabi, the method, licensing, and eligibility requirements are all different.

The following documents are important for an E-commerce license in Dubai:

  • Must be based in Abu Dhabi and possess a valid Emirates ID.
  • The minimum legal age is 21.
  • Register the Commercial Name with the Valid authorities. Furthermore, the Acceptance must be submitted to the application.
  • Proof of residency. However, Ejari is not required.

Abu Dhabi E-trader license may be obtained in 3 to 5 business days. The authorities must make the payment within 24 hours of the cost. To begin the commercial business activity, you must be a member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. The license is valid for a year. It must be renewed annually, within one month of the expiration date.

Cost of an E-Trader License in Dubai

The cost to obtain an E-Trade License is

  • AED 1070 for an E-trade License
  • Commercial E-trader License ? AED 1370 (including AED 300 for Dubai Chamber of Commerce membership)

The E-trading license is appropriate for anybody who wants to devote their spare time to personal development through business. You may obtain financial security by making the most use of the chance.

Trading Certification Appropriation

The trading certificate is suitable for the following

  • Stay-at-home spouses
  • Professionals who do not want to invest a lot of money in establishing a business want to use their skills.
  • To take advantage of spare time and start a side company
  • Professionals with other professions who wish to pursue their passion as a side business
  • Beginners exploring with new business concepts
  • To assess entrepreneurial abilities


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