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E-commerce Strategies to Outperform Your Competitors

By Sakshi Srivastava - 22 Apr 2022 Last Updated: 26 Apr 2022
E-commerce Strategies to Outperform Your Competitors

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. Ten Ways to Make Your B2B E-commerce Website StandOut
  2. 2. Conclusion

The world of online business is a fiercely competitive one. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses competing for the same customers as you. There are currently over 24 million e-commerce sites on the internet, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.

Customers now have an infinite number of options thanks to our current state of digitalization. Moving to your competitor is as simple for them as clicking a different link. However, it is the business's competition that makes it so exciting. In this article, we are going to learn about more ideas to beat your competitors.

Ten Ways to Make Your B2B E-commerce Website StandOut

Here are the key to staying competitive is to make significant changes to your e-commerce website:

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

A recent Online survey predicted a number of aspects of the B2B industry, including more than 53.67% of the mobile-responsive B2B e-commerce segment.

Among them, 90% are likely to buy from the same retailer if they have an e-commerce platform with an outstanding mobile interface. It implies that you will lose revenue and lose market leadership if you have a poor mobile responsive website. Having an integrated mobile experience is extremely crucial for a B2B business. It also improves a website's ranking on Google's search engine because its algorithm uses mobile-friendliness as a method of scale.

Increased website loading time, legible text and images, small screen-friendly content, and mobile-specific delivery features are some ways to make an e-commerce site more mobile-friendly.

E-commerce Site Video

Video content is an excellent form of marketing for any B2B vendor. It aids in the increase of sales and conversions, the trustworthiness of customers, the improvement of search engine rankings, the increase of users, and the engagement of visitors. An online marketplace will make it easier to buy or sell goods and services between merchants and customers

Product Ratings and Reviews

Adding product reviews and recommendations to your e-commerce website is one of the most effective B2B e-commerce strategies. It reduces a site's conversion ratio by 270% while increasing your customer pool by 73%.

Customer ratings and reviews help an e-commerce site build trust and relationships. This social evidence is trusted as if it were personal recommendations, increasing a site's conversion ratio.

Possesing a Mobile App

It is one of the most effective e-commerce techniques, in which customers track and purchase goods through a mobile app. By streamlining the purchasing experience, it reduces friction and increases conversion ratios.

For suppliers looking to make a name for themselves in the world of B2B E-commerce, the mobile app is the ideal way to do so. By including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component in the development of a mobile app, you can utilize push notifications and discharge products with a rapid and incredible user interface.

Customer-Friendly E-commerce Features

Engaging customer service is a key B2B online strategy. Some website features improve the consumer experience while multiplying a B2B supplier's revenue and income.

Save items in your cart is one such option that enables a user to return and pick up where they left off. Adding multiple items to the cart at the same time simplifies the purchase process, increasing the average order value.

To aid in the shopping experience, a successful e-commerce vendor should focus on increasing the lifetime value of the customer. Customers can get an E-commerce license also.

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Consume Niche Products as opposed to Mass Marketing

Products labeled as exclusive and private are more likely to catch the attention of customers. If an e-commerce supplier wants to stay in business, he or she must offer either niche goods or mass products at a low price.

Regularly Update Your Website

Improvisations are also an important aspect of any e-commerce software company. A few ways to keep your loyal customer base are to freshen up your product lists, add new products on a regular basis, and monitor which aspects of your website your customers enjoy the most. As a result, keep an eye out for the most recent business trends and make your Web development approachable to them.

Reward Your Loyal Clients

A variety of online market spaces are available for customers to choose among. As you work to convert visitors into clients, don't forget about your existing customer base.

Rewarding loyal customers increases their trust and eliminates the need for them to look for another online store. Clients feel valued and desired when a website rewards them.

Coupons, additional discounts, and excellent service are some ways to keep an ecommerce platform's customers with them, as the loyal consumer base accounts for approximately 18% of an e-commerce website's profit.

Competitive Pricing Is Essential

Competitive pricing and first-order discounts are two key areas where a website can gain early exposure to help the company get off to a good start. As a result, if your competitors sell the same commodity at a lower price, you will lose a significant portion of your customer base. Before you put a price tag on something, do your homework.

Friendly Supplier Relationship

Maintaining and managing supplier relationships is extremely crucial if you are involved in B2B aftermarket marketing.

Keeping track of inventory and forming a team to connect with a variety of vendors will assist the competition in moving forward in the e-commerce market. The simplest method is to communicate with your suppliers online.

Order Fulfillment Using a Cloud-Based E-commerce Platform

Furthermore, for any B2B vendor, delivery time is important. The best way to do it is to use modern, cloud-based e-commerce systems for order management and inventory monitoring.

Because it is a fully integrated framework for managing warehouse shipment and distribution, E-commerce businesses tend to synchronize all data through their networks using cloud online management systems for this purpose.

This constant increase in the number of online businesses is simply increasing competition. On the plus side, the crowded market indicates that demand for such businesses is increasing, making eCommerce an exciting place to be.


The world of e-commerce has grown rapidly, and this growth has been accompanied by the fast evolution of best practices and technology. E-commerce revenues increased 15.1 percent in 2016, but accounted for only 8.1 percent of total retail purchases. By most measures, there is still a lot of room for growth. Rising markets, on the other hand, will continue to attract new, fearsome competitors. That is why it is essential to ensure that your company is on the verge of expansion rather than trailing behind and attempting to catch up.

Use these tactics to your advantage, but always be on the lookout for new ways to effectively counter and outperform your competition while still providing an excellent customer experience.

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