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How to Apply for Custom Code for your Import Export License?

By Sakshi Srivastava - 07 Mar 2022 Last Updated: 07 Mar 2022
How to Apply for Custom Code for your Import Export License?

UAE has established itself as the greatest crossroads for trade between Europe and East Asia. Because of its geographical location, the UAE continues to serve its imports, exports, and re-exports business on a huge scale. The UAE's import and export businesses have reaped significant benefits, and the Dubai government has even established eServices to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. The process of registering for imports and exports in Dubai has been much easier since it was made available online.

The Customs Office conducts a rigorous examination to determine whether imported and exported products fall into the restricted category. Businesses must obtain a license in order to acquire the rights to engage in import/export activity. Businesses who import or export restricted items must obtain a special authorization from the Customs Office, which can be done quickly online. By the help of this Blog Dhanguard will enhance and give you more knowledge on Custom Code

What is the Meaning of a Customs Client Code?

If you want to register with Dubai Customs, you can do so online, and once your payment has been processed and your application has been approved, you will obtain your permission (providing everything is in order.)

After that, you'll be given a one-of-a-kind Customs Code that will last till your business license expires. Your client code for customs should be refreshed every year (after you have renewed your commercial license).If you're renewing or upgrading a client's customs code, you'll use the same portal.

Why is a Customs Client Code Required?

Documents required for a customs client code application customs code can be obtained by submitting an application through the Dubai Trade Portal, as previously stated.

Following are the Documents that must be submitted:

  • A valid business license is required.
  • A copy of your passport
  • Letter of commitment

Client Code Cost of Customs

Following is the breakdown charge

  • AED 100 is the new Customs Client Code.
  • Existing Client Renewal Code: AED 25.

Procedure for Obtaining a Customs Code

Following Documents must also be submitted through the Portal:

  • A copy of your business license and a photocopy of your passport (and that of any partners).
  • Your contact information (and that of any partners)
  • The customs code cost is AED 100.
  • You can now register on the portal. You will receive an email confirmation after your form has been sent.
  • Your admin login and password are required.
  • Complete the registration process and wait for your 'new business code.'

Export Permit

When a business owner wants to trade goods and services produced locally in another nation or among the UAE's free trade zones, an export license in Dubai is necessary. To run a business smoothly, one must get a Ministry-approved license. It should also be mentioned that if the items are exported to one of the UAE's Free Trade Zones, no customs duty is required. Despite the fact that the UAE Free Trade Zone is a vital component of the country, it is not part of the UAE Customs Territory.

An Entrepreneur should keep the Following in Mind when Exporting Goods from Dubai:

  • Submit the relevant paperwork to the Customs Office.
  • The export declaration registration fee must be paid at the customs office.
  • The office issues Customs Declaration Certificates.

Following Documents are required in order to obtain an Export License:

  • The licensing agency must issue an approved Export Declaration Certificate or the Instructions of the Declaration of Goods Application (IDG) to the company, which is required at the airport's customs point of entry.
  • If the commodity being exported is on a restricted list, the exporter must obtain permission from the regulatory agencies.
  • The organization must provide a sales invoice with a description of the items, quantity, and value for each item. An invoice should be sent to a corporation located outside of the UAE.

Procedure to Follow in the Event of a Temporary Export is as follows:

Temporary export occurs when items are delivered to a specific location for a limited time and then returned in the same condition after use.

Following are the Documents needed to conduct a Temporary Export Business Transaction:

  • Authorities' declaration of goods clearing
  • Invoice for Commercial Use (original)
  • HS codes are included in the packing list.
  • If you're exporting restricted products, you'll need original export permission from the appropriate authorities.
  • A company's legal letter requesting a temporary export.

Import Permit

A valid import license allows a business owner to import any commodity from another country into the UAE. It also enables smooth migration from one of the Emirates' free trade zones to another or from the UAE mainland to a free trade zone, by meeting the country's legal requirements in terms of licensing, documentation, and permissions.

An Entrepreneur should keep the Following in mind when Importing Goods from Dubai:

  • To begin, a Bill of Lading must be submitted following the arrival of the vessel, and all dues must be paid by the importer.
  • The delivery order will be issued by the shipping agent 3-4 days prior to the vessel's arrival and the cargo clearance must be completed within this time frame.
  • The Import Declaration form must be filled out electronically, and the importer must make all necessary payments. Dubai Customs will inspect the relevant documentation, as well as the vessel in some cases, before releasing items to the Cargo.
  • The importer might appoint a transportation business to receive delivery of commodities after receiving approval from the Customs Department.
  • However, if more examination is required, the container will be taken to the relevant authority's inspection area, and the vessel will only be allowed to leave the premises after receiving clearance from them.

Following are the Documents that must be imported:

  • Invoice addressed to the importer with a description of the total amount of goods and the value of each item.
  • A Certificate of Provenance is a document that certifies the origin of goods and has been certified by the Chamber of Commerce of the nation of origin.
  • A thorough document that lists the weight of each product in a container, as well as the packing and HS codes for all of the goods.
  • Import if an importer is bringing in limited or duty-free products, they must obtain a permit from the appropriate authorities.


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