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Cost and document require to get E-Commerce License in Dubai

By Sakshi Srivastava - 28 Mar 2022 Last Updated: 28 Mar 2022
Cost and document require to get E-Commerce License in Dubai

The ease availability of internet connectivity, combined with the increasing use of Smartphone’s, has aided in the growth of the e-commerce industry. Online shopping for clothing, furniture, and other accessories is popular these days. It should appear as no surprise that the E-commerce industry is booming in every part of the globe. E-commerce makes life easier for individuals because it is not time-consuming, and anyone with an internet connection may purchase for anything online with the click of a button.

Addressing E-Commerce License in Dubai

Incorporating an e-commerce firm in Dubai is superficial, but you cannot ignore the laws and regulations. The authorities in Dubai do not permit any random person to open an e-commerce store and begin selling things. If you wish to start an online business in Dubai, you must first obtain an e-commerce license. It is issued by Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED). If you do not have a license for your business, it is not lawful. When applying for this license, you must follow a specific protocol.

What is an E-Commerce License?

E-commerce, frequently known as Electronic Commerce or online commerce, refers to economic activities, including the purchase and sale of goods and services via an online portal. The monetary transactions that occur during the procedure are likewise conducted online. Such E-commerce activities are covered by Dubai's E-commerce license.

Procedure to prevail an Ecommerce License in Dubai

The following are the procedures you must do in order to receive an Ecommerce license in Dubai:

  • Choose a Legal Structure
  • Choose Business Activities
  • Register a Business Name
  • Obtain Initial Approval
  • Office Space for Rent or Lease
  • Documents must be submitted, and fees must be paid.

Dubai is the Middle East's economic and commerce hub. Dubai has positioned itself in this position as a result of the region's powerful regulatory body. The Ecommerce license in Dubai contributes to the government's regulatory goals. It is the key to online businesses in Dubai for businesspeople and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Online Business License in Dubai

The Ecommerce license in Dubai is sometimes referred to as an online business license. This is due to the Dubai e-commerce license, which provides government backing for online enterprises. As a result, the term "Online Business License in Dubai" was established.

The Dubai e-commerce license enables enterprises to conduct commercial transactions electronically via the internet. It functions similarly to a traditional business, with the exception that the majority of commercial activities are carried out via the internet. The offering can be browsed, and orders placed online by customers.

Documents Required for E-Commerce License

The Dubai Department of Economic Development requires you to provide some documents for administrative reasons. These documents are required if you want to apply for an E-commerce license in Dubai.

The following are the documents necessary by the Department of Economic Development for a Dubai E-Commerce license:

  • Copies of the passport;
  • Copies of Visa;
  • Copies of sponsor Emirates ID;
  • Local Service Agreement
  • No objection Certificate from relevant Authority;
  • Draft of an MOA.(Memorandum of Association)

Cost of E-Commerce License in Dubai

The cost of demonstrating a business in Dubai with an E-commerce license varies depending on a number of criteria. In the UAE, the minimum cost of an E-commerce license is as low as AED 8,050. However, there are numerous other expenditures involved with this, such as the costs of obtaining office space and others.

As a non-native, you may be unfamiliar with the procedures for setting up a business in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. As an outcome, it is in your best attentiveness to obtain professional assistance when establishing a business in the UAE.

Significance of Starting an E-Commerce Business in Dubai

These are some of the significance of starting an E-Commerce Business in Dubai

  • After receiving an E-commerce license in Dubai, your company will have access to a variety of opportunities. Starting a business worldwide with an E-commerce license is quite profitable right now. You can effortlessly sell and ship your things all over the world. These products may be both digital and physical in nature.
  • People in Dubai like to shop online since it provides them with more options and allows them to save time. This is a significant benefit for companies considering obtaining an E-commerce license in Dubai and launching their own online business.
  • According to a recent international study, over half of the world's population is currently accessing the internet via mobile phones. This means that if you obtain an E-commerce license and go online, your company will be able to reach a larger client base.

Success with E-commerce License in Dubai

E-commerce firms are on the increase all around the world. Dubai is not different. The authorities recognize the significance of the internet in the next generation of corporate leaders. As a result, with the support of this E-Commerce license in Dubai, they are assisting startups and experienced business people in making the shift to the online business sector. You may be a part of this shift and benefit from the opportunities that this license provides.


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Dhanguard provides the company formation services in Dubai, UAE with the guidance of our professional team of consultants. Faster and hassle-free offshore company formation services and company formation services in Mainland and Freezone in UAE.

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