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How to Start Kiosk Business in UAE?

By Shivangi - 13 Nov 2021 Last Updated: 03 May 2022
How to Start Kiosk Business in UAE?

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. How to Start a Kiosk Business in Dubai?
  2. 2. What kind of research should one conduct prior to opening a kiosk?
  3. 3. Kiosk Business Requirements
  4. 4. Things to Avoid in the Kiosk Business
  5. 5. Conclusion

Dubai is a worldwide metropolis with many prospects for small and medium-sized businesses. The United Arab Emirates routinely constructs new skyscrapers and provides ample room for entrepreneurs to conduct small and large-scale operations.

The retailing merchandising devices located in shopping malls are known as kiosks. As a result, retail merchandising units, retail display stands, and shop in shops are all terms used to describe the kiosk business.

The ideal possibility for small company owners is to open a kiosk in one of Dubai's many well-known shopping malls. These enormous malls can be found throughout Dubai and get large crowds on a daily basis. Malls operated by international corporations can be found in a variety of locations. These malls are frequented by well-heeled Emiratis and visitors from other countries, thus setting up a kiosk in one might expect to make a lot of money.

How to Start a Kiosk Business in Dubai?

  • First, get permission from the mall management to start your kiosk business. If the mall's management permits the lease of a portion of their space, they will provide the space to your business at their discretion. A few international malls may allow you to open kiosks, however the rent for these kiosks would be very exorbitant. The mall's management will charge you based on the amount of space occupied by the kiosk. You might expect a nice revenue from a kiosk business in Dubai malls if your products are suited for the upper class.
  • Apply for a License for your kiosk business. Other, smaller malls may allow you to put up a kiosk for a modest price. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the principal authority that will grant you a kiosk licence in any Dubai mall.

One of the worst mistakes a kiosk operator can do is to compete with big merchants before you're ready. It may seem natural to take on the large players head on, but this is rarely a wise idea. Why not focus on your advantage as a small merchant instead of allowing the commercial giants to smash you? When it comes to personalising customer contacts and offering high-value experiences, you have the upper hand.

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What kind of research should one conduct prior to opening a kiosk?

You should begin by completing due diligence, as you should with any firm. Scout your area and create a profile of the people that come to see you. Find out what kind of foot traffic is typical in the area where your kiosk will be located. Client income profiles and competition should both play a role in determining how much you can charge for your items. You can also realise that your website is affected by seasonal changes.

You should also make contact with the mall or property's administration as soon as possible. Some require you to obtain a licence from the Department of Environmental Protection (DED), while others provide you a special permit to operate under their licence. To avoid having too many vendors selling the same type of things, they may have strict guidelines about what types of kiosks they would accept.

You will need an Emirati national as a partner if you need a DED licence. A business consulting agency can assist you in finding a local partner and completing legal paperwork to protect your business interests. You may require additional permits from government organisations to establish your kiosk business, depending on the type of products you sell.

Kiosk Business Requirements

Your Kiosk Business Depending on the location, you may be able to lease or buy a real kiosk from the property management company. There are lots of local providers if you want to buy your own, but remember to take in transportation and storage costs (if applicable).

You should have a good notion of what you want to sell, so identify the best provider and place an order to start stocking up. With the continual stream of tourists going through numerous business locations in Dubai, souvenirs are sure to be a hit. Regional specialties that are hard to come from elsewhere are also popular. Catering to expat citizens' nostalgia for things from home can sometimes result in a profitable business.

Make sure to put up exhibits that will draw attention from passers-by. Take out the demo products and set them out for customers to look at. If possible, provide free samples to persuade customers to try your product. Other methods of advertising include throwing out coupons or collaborating with other mall kiosk or store owners to promote each other's businesses.

Things to Avoid in the Kiosk Business

Kiosks are small shops established inside malls that provide consulting services for the kiosk business in Dubai. The size of these stalls varies, and they only cover a small section of the malls. Individuals in Dubai Freezones can put up kiosks at malls with approval from the mall's management. These malls allow you to set up a kiosk company and charge rent based on the amount of space filled.


The retailing merchandising devices located in shopping malls are known as kiosks. Dubai offers a diverse range of business prospects, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to thrive. Set up a kiosk company in one of Dubai's well-known malls. It opens up a lot of doors for small businesses who can't afford to buy or Rent Office Space in Dubai.

Many entrepreneurs experience challenges when it comes to forming a business in Dubai. It entails a time-consuming operation with some limitations. However, contacting the top service businesses can help you set up your business and give you with the services you require.

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