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Benefits that will urge you to Start a Company in Dubai Media City!

By Ananya - 12 Nov 2021 Last Updated: 05 May 2022
Benefits that will urge you to Start a Company in Dubai Media City!

Dubai is the most ideal site to breathe life into investors' worldwide ideas because of its dynamic environment that enables advertising, communication, media, and marketing enterprises to excel. It also provides enterprises with the opportunity to promote their products and services, as well as interact with some of the country's greatest marketing firms and global media behemoths (such as Showtime, Sony and CNN).

Foreign entrepreneurs seeking to establish businesses in Dubai's Freezones have a number of options. They should be aware, however, that each free zone accommodates businesses based on their activity in specific industries. Those interested in starting a business in the media industry are invited to do so in the Dubai Media City Free Zone. This Dubai free zone, also known as DMC, offers a number of benefits to foreign businesses. Thus, in this blog we will discuss in length, the potential benefits one could get by setting up his company in Dubai Media City. So, without any further ado, let’s learn!

A Quick Overview of the Dubai Media City Free Zone's History

Dubai Media City was founded in 2000 with the intention of providing an alternative to overseas investors interested in the creative industries. The following are some of the activities available in Dubai Media City:

  • the MICE industry (event management), which is currently one of the most developed sectors in the UAE.
  • advertising, communication, marketing, and media support services are also welcome
  • freelancing activities in the media industry are also encouraged in the DMC free zone
  • event management and business information consultancy services.

A Little Insight About Dubai Media City

  • The Dubai Media City is a 25-building complex that houses the world's and region's largest media enterprises. The television, radio, print, and advertising industries are all represented in this network of media organizations in Dubai.
  • Forbes, CNN, Sony, Arab Media Group, and other media behemoths have offices there. This isn't only a space for big media companies; it's also a place where freelancers and entrepreneurs can coexist.
  • Dubai Media City (DMC) has grown to become one of the UAE's most prosperous business communities, as it has become a global and regional hub for over 2,000 media companies, including publications, online media, advertising agencies, production houses, news teams, and broadcast facilities, all of which are constantly pushing the boundaries of creative thinking. In addition, the media town employs almost 20,000 people in its neighborhood.
  • The space is ideal for collaboration and development. There are also Media Business Centers in the area dedicated to promoting talent and enterprise. As a result, freelancers and independent media professionals have an abundance of options to develop recognition and establish contacts.

Benefits or Major Advantages of starting a Company in Dubai Media City.

This area is perfect for obtaining attention and creating contacts, whether you're a freelancer, a startup, or an established media company. The region includes one of a kind facilities that cater to Dubai's media industry. Below mentioned are the main benefits of starting a company in Dubai Media City

Environment that is conducive to business

  • Dubai Media City is a global media hub that provides a unique collective atmosphere in which a work campus dedicated to a single industry value allows firms to communicate and collaborate efficiently with creative minds.
  • Media city is home to a media community with a lot of creative minds, making it an ideal home for individuals in the media. The free zone provides a prestigious work environment for anyone interested in working in the global media industry.
  • Low-cost labour and simple recruitment procedures: within the Sharjah freezones, we may find low-cost labour in these areas. Both the recruiter and the employees benefit greatly from the requirement process and labour legislation.

The status of a Freezone

  • Sole ownership- If a local partner is not required, a foreign investor can entirely own the business and repatriate all profits and money.
  • Corporate tax- exemptions are available to enterprises operating within the free zones.
  • Profit and capital repatriation- This free zone allows international investors to send money back to their home country from the UAE.
  • Bank account- When investors want to move funds to a new region, they must first register a bank account in order to protect their Investment. The free zone of the emirates makes it simple to open a bank account, allowing you to conduct daily financial transactions with convenience and peace of mind.


  • Flexible registration- forming a corporation in Dubai Media City is a straightforward process. To execute licenses and ensure appropriate compliance with UAE legislation, Dubai Media City requires a variety of documents.
  • Flexible business activity- as a sector-specific free zone, businesses from a wide range of creative professions are welcomed and encouraged to expand, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, resources, and skills inside the zone.

Infrastructure advantages

  • Dubai Media City provides world-class infrastructure, including high-speed internet, digital voice services, cutting-edge technology, and a vibrant community at affordable prices.
  • Aside from several Visa options, Creative City also provides businesses with the freedom to function without the necessity for a physical office. Entrepreneurs may set up and run their businesses in the fast lane with little beginning costs and no need for a physical location thanks to freelance and single owner packages.

Visa benefits

  • It is simple to sponsor family- Dubai media assists entrepreneurs and investors in establishing their businesses, as well as in sponsoring family and staff for residence visas.
  • Many Visa Alternatives- If you have various shareholders, you'll need multiple visas, and Dubai Media City has the greatest visa options.

Benefits of licensing

Under the following categories, investors can acquire the advantage of ownership for a license.

  • A trade license is essential for individuals who desire to import and distribute products in accordance with the terms of the license.
  • Freelance permit: this form of authorization allows a person to work as a freelance professional. It allows the practitioner to do business under his or her own name.

In Dubai Media City, what types of business activities are permitted?

If you're considering a career in the media, Dubai's Media City has a wealth of options for growth and collaboration. The neighborhood is recognized for its vibrant networking scene and business-friendly climate.

Here's a rundown of the types of businesses that may be found in this creative community:

  1. Marketing consultancy
  2. Business information
  3. Freelancing
  4. Media associations
  5. Media consultancy
  6. Advertising and communication
  7. Media services
  8. Marketing services
  9. Event management and support

What do our Experts at Dhanguard suggest?

Dubai Media City, as its name suggests, is home to media-related businesses. In this free zone, media and advertising companies can showcase their products and services while interacting with some of the greatest international marketing, entertainment, and advertising firms as well as numerous regional media firms.

It is recommended that high-risk nationalities (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey, and others) register a Dubai free zone corporation here since they will not have difficulty acquiring resident permits or opening bank accounts.

In this unrestricted zone, freelancers and independent media professionals are not left out. They can register their freelance permit here and receive a single visa package. They have access to a variety of business amenities as well as a distinguished address and location.


Thus, we can conclude with the fact that Dubai Media City caters ample benefits which be beneficial for you when you start your business there. We hope this blog provided you with incite full information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to check out our website at Dhanguard  as well.

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