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Process for Business Setup in Offshore

By Shivangi - 16 Dec 2021 Last Updated: 06 May 2022
Process for Business Setup in Offshore

The term "offshore" refers to a situation in which a firm seeks to invest in an offshore jurisdiction to take advantage of tax advantages. Over time, the tax benefits have grown in popularity among corporate investors. As a result, the vast majority of countries have taken the required efforts to establish themselves as popular offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore incorporation in the UAE can assist you in more profitably managing your business or holding assets in the Middle East. A legal business entity founded with the intention of conducting business outside of its registration jurisdiction and/or ultimate ownership location is known as an Offshore company.

The United Arab Emirates is no exception, as it is one of the most sought-after countries for offshore entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. This tutorial focuses on the many elements to think about while founding an offshore company in the UAE. Offshore companies are businesses that are registered in Dubai but are allowed to have their headquarters in areas outside of the city. Limited liability corporations, limited companies, and limited partnerships are all options for forming an offshore company in Dubai.

Formation of a Business Setup in Offshore

A sequence of actions must be followed in order to start an offshore firm in the United Arab Emirates. Forming an offshore company in Dubai is a quick and uncomplicated process that takes only a few weeks to complete. The steps are as follows:

Choose a Business Name

The Registrar must first authenticate the company's name. In the firm's name, the phrases insurance, bank, building society, cooperative, fund, Municipal, Chamber of Commerce, trust, Royal, chartered, finance, mutual fund, Emirate, and Emirates must not appear. Finally, the company name must contain the words Limited or Incorporated.

Fill out an Application Form

Applicants must fill out an application form and submit a collection of supporting documents after deciding on a company name, which includes:

  • The identities of the shareholders and directors must be verified.
  • The addresses of the shareholders and directors must be confirmed.
  • Curriculum Vitae of Shareholders and Directors
  • Business plans that have been well-thought out.
  • Directors' and shareholders' photocopies
  • Individuals and businesses submit papers in a variety of formats. All of the relevant information is contained in the next section.

Submission of the Involved Documents

Following the collection of required documents, they must be submitted to the appropriate authorities, who will evaluate them and grant the necessary approvals.

Make a draft of the MOA and AOA

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) must then be prepared in English, as it is the most practical language for a worldwide business.

The authority inspects the documentation after they have been prepared; once accepted, you can begin your business.

Open a Bank Account in a Foreign Country

The third stage entails opening an Offshore bank account, which allows business owners to execute transactions more easily. Here's a step-by-step guide on opening an offshore bank account that will walk you through the whole procedure. Offshore jurisdictions can also help company owners set up an offshore corporation and open an offshore bank account in a variety of locations. The identical approach can be used to open an anonymous offshore bank account.

It's important to remember that an offshore company can only do business in the UAE if it opens an offshore bank account in Dubai and purchases real estate there. An offshore corporation, unlike an onshore enterprise in a Free Trade Zone, does not qualify for a resident Visa in the UAE.

Benefits of Forming an Offshore Corporation in Dubai

Here are the Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Dubai:

Great Flexibility

Foreign investors have complete control over the offshore corporations they establish in Dubai. Furthermore, unlike other business formations in the UAE, investors are not required to have a physical address.


During the offshore company establishment process, no information about the business's owners is revealed. Offshore company formations are appropriate for international investors who want to keep their business operations in the UAE and elsewhere anonymous.

Advantages in terms of taxes

Due to its favorable tax environment, the UAE region has traditionally attracted foreign investors. Offshore business forms, for example, benefit from the absence of corporate income tax.

Bank Accounts

Offshore companies are permitted to maintain multi-currency bank accounts, which facilitate international business transactions while also ensuring money safety. Your offshore company formation expert will assist you in selecting the best multi-currency banking services provider in the UAE as well as establishing the necessary bank accounts.

Documents required to Form an Offshore Company in Dubai

The Following are the documents required to form an offshore Company in Dubai:

  1. A business strategy (At least for 3 years). (not required)
  2. 6 monthly bank statements or original bank reference letter (stamped by the bank).
  3. Address Verification (Ex. Utility bills, etc.)
  4. The stockholders' curriculum vitae
  5. The shareholders' passports are copies of the shareholders' passports.
  6. There are three possibilities for reserving a name.
  7. Activity in the Business

UAE Offshore Incorporation Features and Regulations

Main Features and regulations to form an offshore Company in Dubai:

  • The capital of the corporation can be any amount, split into any number of denominations.
  • The bare minimum is one shareholder and one director.
  • Bearer shares and differential classes of shares are not permitted, and all shares must be paid in full when they are issued. The capital does not, however, have to be deposited in a bank.
  • 100 percent foreign ownership is permitted in UAE off-shore incorporation corporations, as is 100 percent tax and duty exemption.
  • A corporate bank account can be opened in a bank in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • The Company must select a registered agent (legal firms, auditors, and consultants) from the UAE Free Zone's approved list of registered agents.
  • The Offshore domicile is located in the UAE Freezone.
  • The investors do not have to go to the authority to form the corporation, but they must sign the documents at the registered agent's office.
  • Audited financials will only be requested if there is a suspicion.

Jurisdiction for Business Setup in Offshore

Start your business today in one of the world's fastest growing jurisdictions: UAE RAK and JAFZA are the two primary offshore jurisdictions in the UAE. Both jurisdictions are "tax-free," meaning they have no income or corporate taxes and allow 100 percent foreign ownership. The UAE has Double Tax Treaty arrangements with over 40 countries.

Offshore enterprises can do worldwide business in the UAE by opening multi-currency accounts. They are, however, barred from doing business with UAE residents or maintaining physical locations in the country. Both RAK and JAFZA have their own set of benefits. Despite the fact that RAK is the most cost-effective alternative, JAFZA is the only offshore entity that is legally permitted to acquire property in Dubai.

Free zone firms in the UAE are not the same as offshore corporations in the UAE. Onshore companies that are allowed to do business in Dubai under certain circumstances are known as free zone companies. They are likewise subject to the 0% corporate tax rate, but its shareholders, directors, and employees can apply for residency in the UAE.

Local business legislation requires both RAK International Companies (RAK ICs) and JAFZA Offshore Companies to hire an approved registered agent.

JAFZA Offshore Company Incorporation

The JAFZA was formed in 1985. It is an industrial sector that surrounds the Jebel Ali Port, one of the world's busiest shipping ports, and allows international companies based there to profit from the free zone's unique features. Corporations have a 15-year tax-free period, there is no personal income tax, no import or export taxes, no currency limits, and labour recruitment is simple.

Jebel Ali is located just outside of Dubai and is roughly an hour's drive from Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capital city. The Al Maktoum International Airport, which is planned to be the world's largest airport in terms of both freight and passenger volume, is located just beyond the port region. Under the Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003, the Offshore Company was founded in 2003 by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) in partnership with the Dubai Government.

Characteristics of a JAFZA Offshore Company

The major qualities of a JAFZA Offshore Company are as follows:


At least one shareholder is required, and corporate shareholders are permitted. For overseas corporate shareholders, all corporate papers must be validated.

Corporate Director

Corporate directors are not allowed, and at least two directors are required. The public registration does not include information about the directors; however, every firm must have a secretary. A corporate director may also serve as the firm's secretary.

Minimum Share Capital

A minimum share capital is not required.

Annual Reporting

Accounting records must be retained for 10 years from the day they were prepared. The corporation must appoint an auditor to examine and report on accounts (from a pre-approved list).

Ras al Khaimah Offshore Company Formation

Ras al Khaimah is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is around an hour's drive from Dubai. RAK has the greatest level of industrialisation in the UAE, with manufacturing accounting for 26% of GDP. It has built a reputation for a business-friendly investment climate and affordable costs. RAK's business costs are 25 to 50 percent lower than the UAE average, allowing companies to get the most out of their investment.

In September 2006, the Ras al Khaimah administration formed the International Company structure, also known as the RAK Offshore Company. The International Companies Regulations 2006 of the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority govern them.

Characteristics of a Ras al Khaimah Offshore Company

The major qualities of a Ras al Khaimah Offshore Company are as follows:


At least one shareholder is required, and corporate shareholders are permitted. For overseas corporate shareholders, all corporate papers must be validated.

Corporate Director

Although a minimum of one director is required, corporate directors are acceptable. The public registration does not include information about the directors; however, every firm must have a secretary. A corporate director may also serve as the firm's secretary.

Minimum Share Capital

A minimum share capital is not required.

Annual Reporting

Accounting records must be retained for a period of seven years from the day they were prepared. On the other side, the accounts do not need to be filed with the RAK authorities.

Things to Consider for Setting up an Offshore Business in Dubai

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, forming an offshore business in Dubai is simple and takes only a few weeks. Filling out an application that includes all required information and documents, such as valid passport copies for all shareholders, preferred company name, proof of residency for all shareholders, and detailed information about the nature of the business to be carried out, is the first step in forming an offshore company in the UAE.

The registration of an offshore corporation in the United Arab Emirates is simple, and delays only occur when the application and documentation contain flaws. This is why you should work with Dhanguard experts that can assist you with the preparation of the application documents and information to guarantee that there are no errors that cause delays in Business Setup in Offshore.


Establishing a firm in the United Arab Emirates brings up a world of opportunities for international entrepreneurs and investors. With your UAE Offshore Company, our professional staff would be delighted to serve you. One of our UAE offshore company formation services is offshore business formation in Dubai.

Our business experts at Dhanguard are well-versed in offshore incorporation procedures and can guide you through the process without making any errors. Because they have industry knowledge, they are able to appreciate corporate needs and design customized solutions to accomplish those objectives. If you're interested in starting an offshore company in the UAE, please contact us and Connect with our Team.

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