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Geographical Benefits of Starting Business in UAE

By Ananya - 15 Jan 2022 Last Updated: 29 Apr 2022
Geographical Benefits of Starting Business in UAE

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. What are the Advantages of Starting a Business in the UAE?
  2. 2. Steps to Starting a Business in the UAE
  3. 3. Conclusion

For every businesspeople and entrepreneurs, the UAE is a popular destination. The UAE's strategic location and expanding financial wealth make it a centre for new start-ups with endless business potential. For decades, the United Arab Emirates has been a popular place to start or expand a business. Most investors find the country's economic stability, consistent development, expanding markets, investor-friendly policies, and tax-free status too appealing to pass up.

Dubai recently hosted the first new Start-up Summit, which provided a plethora of chances for every entrepreneurs and investors. This demonstrates that the United Arab Emirates has a wide range of commercial and growth options. Furthermore, the high internet penetration rate and enticing infrastructure are only a few of the many aspects luring investors to Dubai. The UAE is always willing to advise everyentrepreneurs by providing them with a global platform as well as financial assistance.

What are the Advantages of Starting a Business in the UAE?

The Following are the Benefits of Starting a Business in UAE:

Choice of Locations for Your Business

For entrepreneurs looking to launch a business in the UAE, the UAE provides 45+ freezone areas as well as various mainland sites. The freezones provide business owners with 100% ownership of their company, 100 % repatriation of profits, and zero-taxation services, but only if the business is done outside of the UAE.

On the other hand, mainland owners will enjoy the same benefits as Freezone owners, including 100 percent ownership, zero taxation, and the ability to trade both within and outside the UAE. Depending on the type of business that a business owner wants to start in the UAE, he or she can choose any acceptable location. Indians may open a business with such ease.

Easy Business Setup Process

On the World Bank's global ease of doing business index, the UAE is rated 11th. The UAE has one of the most entrepreneur-friendly legal regimes in the world. The UAE government is focused on bolstering and maintaining the long-term viability of the industry. As a result, it provides consistent collaboration, simple documments, and modern facilities to complete the entire process in a few days. Such a supporting framework makes it easier for new to start businesses in the UAE and increases their chances of success.

Ample Expansion Opportunities

Because of the UAE's strategic location, the doors to local markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe are constantly open for business. The UAE also provides business owners with a variety of different business prospects, such as B2B trading, B2C trading, and C2B trading. The United Arab Emirates' sophisticated tech-savvy populace promotes massive growth for eCommerce and other online sales firms. Furthermore, a high internet penetration rate provides the door to successful digital advertising and other forms of online promotion.

Government Assistance

The administration of the United Arab Emirates is always willing to help and cooperate with investors from all around the world. Throughout the year, it offers a variety of high-end services and lucrative business opportunities. Investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with exceptional talents are eligible for long-term residency in the UAE. The government's Golden Visa programme grants Indians with remarkable talents and skills in a variety of sectors a 10-year visa.

Taxation Benefits

As part of its effort to encourage Indian investment, the UAE government gives many tax perks to different business owners. A number of liberal policies, particularly those aimed at investors, make it easier for Indians to start businesses in the UAE. There are no import-export duties, income taxes, or company or personal taxes to pay. Depending on the company operations you pick, you may be required to pay a mandatory 5% VAT.

Quality of Life

Apart from the professional advantages of establishing a business in the UAE, entrepreneurs also profit from the personal and social aspects of doing so. The UAE is ranked third in Asia and twenty-first globally in the Global Quality of Life Index. World-class infrastructure, top-notch health-care services, a diversified culture, the best security and safety, full government support, and exceptionally talented individuals are the reasons. Because the majority of the population is expatriates, you will be exposed to people from a wide range of cultures, communities, and beliefs.

World-Class Digital Services

When it comes to digitalization, the UAE is one of the most advanced countries. It is the only Middle Eastern and African countries to be included in the top 20 global broadband index with the fastest average downloading speed in May 2021. The UAE is well-known for its high-speed fixed broadband network, which delivers the most modern services in the country. This opens the door to digital business prospects in the country, making it one of the primary contributors to the country's economic and social progress

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Steps to Starting a Business in the UAE

A Step by Step Guide to start a Business in the UAE:

  • Choose a business activity to engage in.
  • Choose a jurisdiction.
  • Complete the company's legal structure.
  • Obtain authorisation for the name and operation of your company.
  • Make an application for a trade licence.
  • Create an account for your business.
  • Locate a local representative (if required).
  • Obtain authorization from outside sources.


It's only natural that all of these amazing advantages have piqued your interest in starting a business in the UAE. With the UAE on track to become one of the world's most technologically sophisticated countries, now is the ideal time to start thinking about establishing a business there. Though, because to ongoing government assistance and upgraded facilities, registering your business is now easier than ever.

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