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Establish a Business for Selling Pharmaceutical Goods in UAE

By Sakshi Srivastava - 02 Aug 2021 Last Updated: 06 Dec 2022
Establish a Business for Selling Pharmaceutical Goods in UAE

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. Types of pharmaceutical businesses in Dubai
  2. 2. Dubai's requirements for selling Pharmaceuticals Products
  3. 3. Licensing of Dubai-based pharmaceutical businesses
  4. 4. Understand the Local Market for Pharmacy
  5. 5. Approvals for Pharmacy Licenses
  6. 6. Dubai's Import and Export Regulations for Pharmaceutical Products
  7. 7. How do I register pharmaceutical products with the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates?
  8. 8. Conclusion

On a global scale, the pharmaceutical business is one of the most important economic sectors. The UAE also boasts a significant pharmaceutical industry, which is backed up by a plethora of regulations. Foreigners and nationals alike are permitted to sell pharmaceutical products in Dubai as long as they follow the law and register with the appropriate authorities.

Our Dubai business formation agents outline the stages involved in selling pharmaceutical products in the emirates below.

Starting a pharmacy business in Dubai can be a lucrative endeavour that allows you to be self-employed. An opportunity to create something that will help the local community.

Types of pharmaceutical businesses in Dubai

According to the UAE Ministry of Health, there are numerous sorts of pharmaceutical enterprises that can be established in Dubai. These are the following:

  • pharmacies where the sale of registered pharmaceuticals, pharmacy-produced pharmaceutical items, and medical supplies is permitted.
  • a non-pharmaceutical company that sells a variety of vitamins and beauty goods
  • Drug stores that are permitted to import, store, and distribute pharmaceuticals to wholesalers and pharmacies.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing firms that require special permits to manufacture, test, and market their products.

Regardless of the sort of pharmaceutical business, it can be established on Dubai's mainland or in one of its free zones.

Dubai's requirements for selling Pharmaceuticals Products

The first step in beginning a pharmaceutical product sales business in Dubai is to register with the Department of Economic Development or the Freezone authority where the business will operate.

In order to register a pharmaceutical firm in Dubai, the owner must get two approvals: the preliminary permission and the establishment's final approval. A condition of such a facility is that it be inspected by the Dubai Drug Control Department.

The following documents must be submitted in order to register your pharmaceutical company:

  • An application forms
  • A copy of the tenancy contract
  • A preliminary approval of the premises
  • A copy of the owner's passport
  • The blueprints of the location of the pharmaceutical company
  • A copy of the location license issued by the municipality
  • The architectural planning issued by the architect or other experts in Dubai, duly certified
  • A list of the employees and their certifications

In addition to these records, enterprises must give a statement stating that the product is free of hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics, steroids, pig derivatives, or any other compounds that have a biological or behavioural effect on humans. The animal type should be mentioned if the product contains any animal-derived compounds. If alcohol is utilised, specify the percentage and explain why it is used.

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Licensing of Dubai-based pharmaceutical businesses

Pharmaceutical enterprises in Dubai must register with four different authorities. These are the following:

  • Dubai Municipality, which will provide the institution a license to operate in the emirate.
  • The Ministry of Health will award the licence or licenses for the manufacture or sale of pharmaceutical products.
  • the Department of the Economic Development, which will grant licenses to enterprises that manufacture and distribute pharmaceuticals.
  • Customs officials, if the company intends to import or export pharmaceuticals.

The following are four major contributors to the pharmacy industry:

  • The physical location is rented.
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) licences (DED). The Dubai Municipality's Health Regulation Department approval (HRD).
  • Expenses of personnel (licensed pharmacists including any necessary training to get your employees up to speed).
  • Take a look at your inventory (both prescription drugs and retail products).

Understand the Local Market for Pharmacy

Pharmacies are one of the fastest-growing retail sectors in Dubai, with sites ranging from prominent mall locations to most business and residential areas. The majority of this expansion is not due to independent operators. The new pharmacies are either franchises of well-known worldwide brands or are part of large local or GCC corporations.

If you have the financial resources to open a franchise pharmacy, you will be able to benefit from brand awareness and have access to a larger supply chain of vendors. Many franchise companies may even assist you in choosing a property based on thorough market analysis.

To import or distribute pharmaceutical products, enterprises must be lawfully incorporated in the UAE and registered with the Ministry of Health. The trade license's operations must correspond to the products being imported into the UAE.

Alternatively, the corporation can work with a local distributor or commercial agent who has already registered as a pharmaceutical importer with the Ministry of Health.

The importer's products can then be registered by the agent on behalf of the importer. In either scenario, importers receive professional assistance from product registration consultants in Dubai, UAE, who will simplify the process.

If you're starting out as an independent contractor, you'll need to consider joining a buying group. This will aid in achieving economies of scale and staying on top of rising inventory and operational costs. Your due research and subsequent selection of the correct buying group may determine the success or failure of your business.

Approvals for Pharmacy Licenses

To offer pharmaceutical items in the UAE, your company must receive a license from the DHA, according to Federal Law No.4 (1993). You must appoint a pharmacist who is licenced by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The DED requires a local UAE national sponsor to obtain a trading licence. In conclusion, you will require two licenses, one from the DED and the other from the DHA.

Dubai's Import and Export Regulations for Pharmaceutical Products

Manufacturing, preparation, composition, selling, and distribution of medications to prevent and cure diseases in animals and humans are all part of the pharmaceutical enterprise. A UAE associate is required for international investors who want to start a pharmaceutical company in Dubai. The pharmacy licence will be held by this associate. All investors seeking to manufacture or sell pharmaceutical items in Dubai must get a licence before beginning operations, according to Federal Law No. 4.

How do I register pharmaceutical products with the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE is a substantial market for pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals, with imports outnumbering domestic production. Many multinational pharmaceutical businesses have profited from the lucrative UAE market, necessitating the need to ensure strong safety standards for the benefit of customers. The Ministry of Health and Prevention regulates the import and distribution of pharmaceutical items in the UAE (MOHAP). Importers and makers of pharmaceutical items must register with MOHAP in order to market their products throughout the UAE.


Before being sold to the general public, all pharmaceutical items imported into and manufactured in the UAE must be registered with the Ministry of Health. All pharmaceutical businesses in the UAE are required to register their products in order to ensure that consumers obtain safe medications. The Ministry of Health's product registration process ensures that pharmaceutical items do not include any dangerous substances. Pharmaceutical businesses must comply with a number of legal standards in order to register their products in the UAE.

Every organisation will not be able to fully comprehend all of the conditions and criteria. Importers often have a difficult time navigating government authorities to obtain approval for their items. This is where product registration experts in Dubai, like Dhanguard Business Consultants, come in handy for companies. From the application through the certificate issue, Dhanguard Group effectively manages all aspects of UAE product registration.

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