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Business Consultancy License in UAE

By Sakshi Srivastava - 09 Mar 2022 Last Updated: 09 Mar 2022
Business Consultancy License in UAE

Table of Contents 

  1. 1. Business Jurisdictions to Consider for a Consultancy License in UAE
  2. 2. Why should you think about getting a Consultant License in UAE?
  3. 3. Dubai Economy Business Consultancy License
  4. 4. Freezone Business Consultancy License in UAE
  5. 5. Step By Step Instructions for Getting a Freezone Consultancy License
  6. 6. Benefits of Opening a Business Consultancy in UAE
  7. 7. Conclusion

In the UAE, a Consultancy License is a popular business license type among professionals in the fields of business, accounting, marketing, and other specialized services. The need for consultant services in the UAE is high, with both major and small businesses in the area.

Many organizations require specialist services in order to expand their operations. Companies in the UAE are searching for business consultants to help them figure out how to get more consumers by teaching staff how to write, implementing new software, and boosting marketing campaigns, among other things. A consultation license is the appropriate business license for creating a firm to capitalize on the expanding demand. In the UAE, a Business Consultancy License covers a wide variety of commercial operations. By the help of this blog Dhanguard will provide you the complete information about Business Consultancy License in UAE

Business Jurisdictions to Consider for a Consultancy License in UAE

In the UAE, you can receive a consultant license from one of two jurisdictions. Investors can profit from each of the business jurisdictions in different ways. Consultancy is one of the most flexible business activities in the UAE, since it can be carried out nearly anywhere on the planet. There is a lot of room for growth in this industry.

UAE is the epicenter of business, and it is the ideal location for investors to start a consulting firm and simply expand it up and grow it. Businesses in the UAE have a lot of room to grow and acquire new clientele and business prospects. As a result, starting a consultancy license on the Mainland or in a Freezone in the UAE is advantageous to the investor.

Why should you think about getting a Consultant License in UAE?

UAE as a rising centre for entrepreneurs with experience in a variety of fields - including food, hospitality, technology, healthcare, tourism, retail, and more ? all of which require the assistance of professional consultants. One of the most popular and in-demand business licenses in the UAE is a consultancy license.

In UAE, you have two alternatives for starting your consultant business:

  • Establishment of a corporation on the mainland
  • Establishment of a Freezone business

The Department of Economic Development will process your application if you've decided to start a mainland business. A mainland license opens up a world of possibilities for running a business anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and globally. Many of its operations are covered by the consultant license.

Dubai Economy Business Consultancy License

A Dubai Economy consultancy license is regarded as an individual ownership liability. Individuals can start a civil work firm by registering a tradename with the Dubai Economy and adding shareholders (all professionals). To qualify for a professional consultancy license, investors must submit a verified degree and take the Management Skills Placement Test.

The main advantage of a Dubai consultancy license is that it allows foreigners to possess 100 percent of the company. However, for administrative purposes, a local Agent must be hired for an annual fee to communicate with the government.

Freezone Business Consultancy License in UAE

The UAE's Freezones provide cost-effective consultant licensing packages at historically low prices. Setting up a Freezone Consultancy firm is a great way to get started or test the waters.

The UAE's Freezone provide the ideal infrastructure, facilities, and business license for establishing consulting enterprises in the country. One of the most in-demand business license types is the Consultancy License from the UAE Free Zones. The Free Trade Zones are perfect for investors who want to set up a consulting office and invite clients to a meeting. The ecology and business network in Free Zones contribute considerably to the growth of consultancies in the UAE.

Step By Step Instructions for Getting a Freezone Consultancy License

Steps are as follows

  • Choose the best business activity, trade name, and free zone package for your company (Visa Quota)
  • Choose the appropriate company structure (FZE, FZC).
  • Depending on your budget, choose between Flexi and Executive offices.
  • Pay the license costs and submit the relevant documentation.
  • Apply for a Consultancy License, a Residence Visa, and a Corporate Bank Account.

Benefits of Opening a Business Consultancy in UAE

Following are the advantages of Business Consultancy in UAE

  • Fast Business Setup in UAE for all documentation is in order, a consultancy license in Dubai may be granted in as little as a day from UAE Freezone.
  • Affordable License Packages in Freezone' Consultancy License bundle is reasonably priced. To begin your entrepreneurial adventure, a Virtual Consultancy License with no visa packages is available. The options range from single-year visa quota packages to multi-year visa quota packages.
  • Consultancy Licenses provide investors with the freedom to deal with clients from all over the world, as well as the UAE Government and the local UAE market.
  • No share capital is required, 100% foreign ownership, Local Agent Arrangements, 100% profit repatriation, no tax, world-class infrastructure, and networking possibilities are all available to investors.


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